oil in isreal may be imminent. The dead sea is the lowest place in the middle east.

I was woken up with a interesting thought. IF the earthquakes change the inside of the earth more than what they have already done to the outside of the earth, then this might occur. Channels inside the earth may change. Liquid could go to a lower place if new channels were opened. In the middle east the lowest place is the dead sea.

IF enough oil went there it would start bubbling up on the surface of the red sea. Gas would also be released. If Arab wells started drying up while the dead sea bubbles with gas and oil in Israel it would get everyone’s attention.

Prophecy indicates the Israel will find enormous amounts of oil in the last days, so much so The west thinks that the war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 might be because of the Arabs and Russians wanting to take a spoil. Anyway I don’t know if oil works this way, but its a interesting thought, from out of who “knows” where. Since japan moved 8 feet¬† I am sure that the underneath part of the earth changed as well. I read a article recently that indicated Israel had the oil rights to this land. On a interesting note the bible predicts the tribe of Asher will dip his toe in oil. Their land looks like a foot with a toe on it. At the place of the “toe” they have found one of the worlds largest deposits of natural gas. Finding this amount of gas is usually indicative of oil .

Earthquakes like a woman in labor is one of Jesus signs.


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