until someone stronger and better armed comes along and takes away the armor in which he trusted.

Through personal experience I leaned that love made you stronger spiritually.
Luke 11:21 New Living Translation (©2007)
For when a strong man like Satan is fully armed and guards his palace, his possessions are safe–
Luke 11:22 Bible in Basic English
But when one who is stronger makes an attack on him and overcomes him, he takes away his instruments of war, in which he had put his faith, and makes division of his goods.

So spiritual strength, how do you get that? I know that I can be better armed than the devil with the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. I need the strength to use those weapons. I suspected that this strength was in love. I put the words “strength” and “love” into one of my favorite bible search sites. (http://biblos.com/)

So reading some verses and strength and love are found together all over the place.

Here are a few that point out that our spiritual strength can be found in God’s love for us.

1 Corinthians 8:1 Bible in Basic English
Now about things offered to images: we all seem to ourselves to have knowledge. Knowledge gives pride, but love gives true strength.

Judges 5:31 New International Version (©1984)
“So may all your enemies perish, O LORD! But may they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” Then the land had peace forty years.

<>King James Bible
I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.

David says here that the lord is his strength, John says the lord is love
Mathematically that is:

therefore (God) Love=strength.

So when you want to swing that sword of the spirit with more strength remember love is your strength.

When I was thinking about this God showed me a red picture frame. Love is that frame. God often tells me to stay in the house. Gods love is that house. Jesus is the door into that house.



  1. Satan, before Jesus came to live among us, had a very powerful weapon. Scripture tells us that all our lives, mankind had been subject to bondage through fear of Death. Think about that. Every movie, almost every book, especially now, features individuals in one sort of bondage or another because of the fear of death. They are forced to do things, or be killed.

    Jesus defeated death. He took the keys of Death, Hell and the grave. Satan has no more power over those who believe in Christ! We overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our testimony, and we love not our lives unto death!

    The Blood of Jesus is our banner, and covering. Our testimony, what Jesus did for us, how we will never be the same again, since He came into our hearts, and we no longer are subject to bondage through fear of death, because the One who conquered Death lives in us!

    1. ln Colossians 1, Paul explains that Jesus is the “image of the invisible God”, that He delivered us from the power of darkness…that is so awesome. God is love. Love conqered death. Jesus, God in the flesh, took the keys of death, hell, and the grave from satan, openly triumphing over him.

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