ya I hear ya, but come in the door next time!

Jesus said; I am the door of the sheep

Anyone who comes over the wall and not through the door is a thief or robber. You have a door into your heart. Its belief.

In the times of  Jesus a sheep pen was walled in except for the door. The Shepard would gather his sheep in the pen and then sleep in the door. Anything that wanted to get to the sheep had to come in though him. If the sheep wanted out they would have to cross over the Shepard.

When you become a christian you become alive spiritually. Gods word and Jesus blood make that happen. Everything that is became what it is because of the word of God. His words make up alive. However as a christian you might have noticed you sometimes hear voices that speak doom and gloom. The scriptures say there are many voices in the world. It also says that meat is for the mature, to them that by reason of use have learned to tell good from evil.

One of the tasks then for a christian is to sort out what he is hearing and the spirit to be able to stand in Gods life giving words, instead of giving weight to the devils death dealing words. You know what is said if mixed with enough faith can hurt or help you. Jesus said his words were spirit and they are life. He said that man does not live just by food but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.

This can get tricky because your heart has been subject o a great deal of evil in this world. There are fears and memories in your heart the Devil would love to use. All the devils weight that he puts into words has some kind of fear behind it. He can’t operate without it. Like I know that fears that I had about my dad have been used to put weight behind what the devil says. The devil does not have any authority so he needs to seek some way for his words to have weight. He needs fear. One of his favorite tricks is to pretend he is God. Then he uses the bible backed by fear to hurt you or get ya running from God.
(its his oldest trick)

That’s why knowing about the door is so handy. Jesus said he was the door to the sheep. Remember how the Shepard in Jesus day would stay in the door of the sheep fold. They were the door.

Your heart works the same way. Voices are trying to gain entrance to your heart by getting inside, in this case by getting you to mix faith with what they are saying. That would be the “entering in” that Jesus spoke of.

However all of these spirits will attempt to by pass the door and come over the wall. (the wall is your faith)

There is a particular part of this wall around your heart that is completely immune to their advances. that the empty part of your wall where Christ sits as a door. Do you remember what he children of Israel did in Egypt when the death angel came? they had sacrificed their pet lamb and placed the blood over the door posts in the shape of a cross.

This blood is the door. what Jesus did.

If any spirits want to have a chit chat or get you thinking about something or give you a vivid picture of disaster or whatever have them come through the door.

Let me explain. Sometimes I hear things in the spirit world come talking to me, sometimes its even scripture. Sometimes its things in my past. I don’t mind hearing them if they are legitimate, even criticism. However I insist they come in through the door. Any spirits or ideas or images that want o talk to me have no weight unless we are talking about it over the blood of the lamb. I can not trust my own reasoning’s or my own understanding. No matter how legitimate the voice is, or how scripture is.  IT must come through the blood. The blood is saying something about me, its got a voice too you know. So many thoughts will insist on not comming through the blood, saying it doesn’t apply to them, or they are above that. No they are thieves and liars.

When you by faith make that voice you heard back up and come in through the door ( the blood) it can get very quiet. Jesus is our peace. Jesus is our righteousness. Jesus is our quiet. The effect of righteousness is peace. The bible says to let peace be the “umpire” of our heart.

When we start making things go through the door our thought life calms down. Their is a power in the blood over all spirits. Everything that would hurt you or harm can be made to be passive and docile through the blood. Even legitimate sins that you have done can be brought to nothing by giving weight to that blood.

Jesus said his blood was true drink. Next time you have some nasty thoughts come to trouble you invite those thoughts to the table that has the body and blood of the lamb on it. You will find very few will take you up on your invitation. (peace) You can then go back to resting in peace knowing that salesman was selling something you didn’t buy.



  1. Hi. I’ve just come across your blog and as a new Christian it is really speaking to me and giving life to otherwise passive words. So thanks for that. I just have a question regarding this article. How do I practically invite these thoughts and spirit to come through the door (blood). Am I literally telling them to come to the door or arr you galking about testing the spirits against scripture. I know this is probably a dumb sounding question to you but I really do need clarity.

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