keeping the vinyard…

I saw this post on another blog I read, thought I would post it here.  from this blog

From: Kent Hovind
Sent: Sent April 23, 2009
To: Vinny
First Read: Mt. 21:33-41; Jn. 15:1-11

KH: Good morning, Lord!

God: Good morning, Son.

KH: Thanks for the new day, Lord. What would You like me to do today?

God: Thanks for asking, Son. Let’s go for a walk. I’ve got a child of mine in Italy named Vinny; he can explain it to you…
That’s Vinny, Son, Go talk with him and listen carefully to his answers.
You’ll get your question answered.

KH: Okay Lord…. Good morning, Vinny. This is a beautiful vineyard you have here! Can you tell me about it?

Vinny (VI): I’d be glad to. I love everything about this place! It’s been my life for 40 years now. Let’s have a seat in the shade over here, and I’ll get you a glass of fresh squeezed grape juice. There is no taste like it in the world…

KH: Thanks… Wow! This is awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like it in my life!

VI: None. This vineyard belongs to Luigi Abruzzo. We all call him Lu for short. He hired me when I was just a kid and taught me all about raising grapes. After a few years, he made me manager. Now he lives way up in Bolzano near the Alps.

KH: How often does he come see the place?

VI: In the early days he came several times a year, but not as often now.

KH: Why not?

VI: No need to. I know what he wants done and how to do it. He doesn’t need to tell me again everyday. I just send him the profits every year. He trusts me to run the place and get the job done.

KH: So, what do you have to do every day to run a place like this?

VI: Oh my! Lots of things! It varies greatly from day to day. I’m totally free to run my own schedule. Let’s see: I plant new vines as needed, tend to the young ones, put up wires to guide them to grow right, prune off branches that don’t bear fruit (Jn.15), pull weeds, check for holes in the fence, harvest the ripe grapes, maintain all the equipment, hire and train new help, keep the processing equipment sanitized, watch the weather, watch the market, keep contact with buyers, be prepared for thieves, be ready for frost, and watch carefully for diseases getting to the grapes or vines.
That’s just the short list. I’m sure there a thousand other things I do each day out of habit.

KH: Wow! You must have a long TO DO checklist everyday to go through. How do you remember it all?

VI: In the early days I had to keep a list so I wouldn’t miss anything, but now, it’s pretty much habit. I don’t need to think about most of it. Excuse me, Kent. Hey, Joe! That first vine in row 7 has stopped producing. Dig around it and fertilize it, would you please?

Joe: Sure, boss. I’ll get to it right away. I think I know what it needs to bring it back.

KH: So, is working here a hard job?

VI: Oh no! It’s hard work alright, but I love it. I feel like I get paid to do what I love all day long. It’s not a job to me at all. I love every moment of it.

KH: That’s great! When Lu comes down, what do you talk about?

VI: I love it when he comes. We are great friends! Sometimes we walk around the vineyard to just admire the beauty of it all. God made an amazing plant when He made the grape vine. They live for centuries! Sometimes we just sit and talk. We may talk about production, but mostly just stuff friends talk about. He lets me have complete freedom to run my days, the staff, and the vineyard any way I want, just so it produces fruit honestly. On some visits we go to the beach or play golf. We’re just friends, that’s all.

KH: Thanks Vinny. I think you have answered my questions. And thanks for the awesome grape juice! Keep producing for the master.

VI: You are welcome, and I will.

God: Let’s go home, Son. ….

KH: Thanks Lord. I think I get it now. You don’t need me to ask you every detail of every day, just produce fruit and enjoy doing it. Is that the lesson from Vinny?

God: That’s right, Son. A lot of My children are wrapped up in their TO DO list to try to please Me. Cain tried the same thing. Some think I will love them more if they do more. Some count how many chapters in My Word they read each day and how many minutes they spend fasting or praying and think it gets them special points with Me. How sad! Produce fruit and enjoy doing it, Son. Some even brag to others about all they do, how many times they have read the Bible, how many days they fasted, how much money they give, or how many good deeds they do. They measure their worth or spirituality by those things.
The Pharisees tried the same thing. I wasn’t impressed then, and I’m not now.
You have read My Word, Son. You know what I want done and how to do it. Go into all the world and preach and teach My word. Win souls, and train the new converts to grow right and produce fruit for Me. Feed my sheep. You also know from My word the things I do not want My children to do.
Read My instruction manual, help people who are hurting, just be like I was when I was there in the flesh – go about doing good (Acts 10:38).
When you sin, confess it and keep clean (I Jn. 1). If serving Me is a burden, Son, you are doing it all wrong (Mt. 11:29).

KH: Thanks, Lord. I guess I do get all up tight wondering if I have done enough to please you each day, don’t I?

God: Sometimes you do, Son. Jesus pleased Me 100%. His righteousness has been imputed to your account – on account of your not having any (Rom. 4; James 2). Go get a tan, Son. Meditate on My Word and My creation. I’ve got your back.


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