spiritual force

In revelations the bible says the anti-christ worships the God of forces. Jesus said that The kingdom of the air allows the violent, and that the violent take it by force.

Spiritual forces are what rules the planet. The bible says the spirits rule.

Once I went into a grocery store with my son. I asked him what was more important here what we could see or what we couldn’t see. The answer is of course what was not seen. It was ideas and desires that had brought everyone to the store and they were pushing there bodies around by those ideas and urges to get food or items based on their thought life. Without that unseen world they would not be there. Without force behind the thoughts no one would act on them.

Jesus says its not what we eat or drink that makes us unfit for God but our thought life. This is that unseen kingdom. The kingdom of the air. The kingdom of heaven. In Greek its air or breath.  God made everything by speaking mixed with the force of faith so the word kingdom is the primary one. You were made in his image so you can apply the force of faith to whatever you want. Everything in existence is subject to words mixed with faith not the other way around. You could move mountains with it Jesus said.

The spirit world made the seen world.

Understanding the forces of words mixed with faith is key to understanding the spirit world. You live in the spirit world and your spirit although dead and fallen becomes  alive through Christs’ words. He said “my words are spirit and they are life.” In the old testament it says studying the Scripture is not a vain thing for you “for it is your life.” Jesus said “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. ” As you receive Jesus words by faith you will become alive again reversing the fall of man. Adam lived 900 more years after he fell even though God said he would die that day. His spirit died. You become alive again by receiving the word of God as real by faith which is how the whole of the universe came into existence.  (Gods’ faith +words=our present reality) After that its your faith +words=your reality to some degree.

How much of the word of God is working in you? The word says that spiritual people mind spiritual things and that carnal fallen man(the flesh) minds the things of the flesh. If the word of God is not that important to you then you are living in the flesh. It says in Romans if though the spirit you put to death the deeds of the flesh you will live but if you keep living after the flesh you will perish. (eternal separation from God) God says my spirit will not always strive with man, for he is also flesh. It also says God judges sin in the flesh. Jesus flesh becomes the substitute for yours and makes you able to enter the spirit kingdom alive. He is the door. Because Jesus took your punishment you wont have to be punished if you accept his sacrifice by faith. Faith is the building block of the universe and is spiritual reality.

So words are super important. Gods words are spirit and they are your life.

However it is very important you understand what spirit is behind the words said. You can speak Gods words but if you don’t mix it with faith or you mix it with a wrong spirit they can kill you.

The right spirit for the word of God is love mixed with truth.

Some say faith and thats right but faith works through love. No love = no working faith, it profits you nothing. The power behind the words, the force needs to be truth working through love. The word says “speaking the truth in love you might GROW up into him who is the head principality and power.” You can read the bible with fear, doubt, not taking it seriously or the wrong way and the bible then will do damage. Its a two edge sword. The bible says that a mans heart colors everything you see. If you look at the word with a evil heart your going to see the words through fear, doubt etcetera and you will get a return from that. If you look at the bible and take it seriously and with love you will see the word and instead of a stumbling block to you it will uphold you and make your spirit alive again.  It depends on your heart. The word says the light (Jesus is the light of the world, he is the the word) entered the world but the darkness comprehended it not. It also says those with pure hearts will get stronger and stronger. Another verse says purify your heart with love mercy and truth. Jesus says he bought the church so that he might cleanse it with the washing of the water of the word.

So the word is very important if mixed with the right forces.


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