I need to have some feedback

Hey just a check, I see the statistics on the blog but I am wondering if anyone reads this. I have had a few encouraging comments.  If so please post a comment after this telling me if your reading this. You can see my blog but I don’t see you . Let me know by commenting or by e-mailing me at timroyjordan A T  gmail D O T com



  1. Hello Tim,
    I just found your blog today. I googled “how I got married” and found your post about how you prayed for your wife. I agree with you 100% that praying with absolute faith makes miracles happen.
    I did the same thing 2 years ago. I asked God to introduce me to my husband in the month of October. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me because I couldn’t believe that God would pair me up with such a goodlooking young man who is 8 yrs younger than me!

    The problem is that I suffer from alopecia, a thinning of my hair that requires me to wear a partial wig. But that year I had lost weight and looked really pretty. I also apparently looked younger too bec my co-worker (not knowing my age) paired me up with a friend of hers who is also serious about his Christian faith.

    But I verbally vomited my fears before my blind date to my Bible study group and wasn’t very friendly toward him because of my own lack of faith.

    I thought perhaps this happened because I wasn’t ready for a relationship and that I shouldn’t have put a deadline on our Lord. Maybe I should have asked God first to grow back my hair so I would feel comfortable meeting my future husband.

    Could you please pray for me? I need help to control my eating which I think may have triggered this alopecia.

    January 17, 2008 I broke down on the bathroom floor after a particularly hard day of co-workers making veiled comments about my hair. I prayed to Jesus Christ to please grow back my hair. That very same day Oprah had an episode with her gynecologist, and a woman going through the same thing asked the doctor what she can do to grow her hair back. Oprah’s doctor said to 1) eat a low-glycemic diet 2) acupuncture. Jesus answered my prayer! For 6 months I ate a low-glycemic diet (I couldn’t afford acupunture at the time) and by summer I could wear my hear in a ponytail without a wig! I was so happy!! But then I moved and ate out of boredom/loneliness all the high-glycemic foods I used to consume and my hair thinned again.

    Tim, could you please pray for me to have fun eating low-glycemic foods again and to receive acupuncture from a Christian professional? Could you pray for my hair to grow back to what it once was or even better? And could you pray that both my sister and I both meet and marry the men that God wants for us respectively?
    Thank you so much for your blog and sharing what you’ve learned from Jesus as a man. It heartens me to know that there are good men like you who believe in God and walk in faith. Thank you again!!

  2. I was trying to search Google for what the bible and God had to say about getting tattoo’s on our selves. I am a 19 year old male, nearly 20, and have two tattoo’s already. I play the drums and am in the music scene constantly. I have spent about a hour so far on your site and have been spoken to by God through you. Thank you for all your words and encouragement. Keep it up, man! I pray that God will continually bless you and yours for what you are showing people through Him.

    God Bless

    – Seth Spivey

    1. The verse your looking for is here.

      I prayed and asked God what he wanted me to say about this. His reply is comforting.
      God wants us to stand out from the crowd. He doesn’t want us to live and act like the world. This occurs in us because we have his spirit. God’s word are spirit and they are life. Jesus said that. When you believe in God’s words they operate in you. It works in a similar way when you hear anything. If your mom said she loved you and you believed it then that would work in you. If you thought your mom was lying and believed that then you would never get the benefit if her love and it would cause you problems. So its his spirit working in us to make us do his will and allows us to do what he wants.
      There are different views n old testament stuff in Christians today. Some say the old testament is law and we are not governed by it. A example is that Jews were commanded to not eat pork and in acts God showed peter animals he was not supposed to eat and told to eat it.
      There is a change from the old testament to the new. You really need to seek God’s leadership and counsel on this. If you all ready have tattoos don’t sweat it. God has a marking on his person as well.

      King James Bible
      Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.

      He also has kept the nail prints and scars on his side. He has “piercings”. When he got his new absolutely perfect body after the resurrection he kept his scars and the nail holes in his hands. He did this by choice.
      I think if you seek God out on this he will speak to you. Remember he speaks truth “in love”. You can get into “truth” but without love its not going to profit you. Lots of people get into the “truth” but they leave out love. God told me that’s how weird cults and denominations start.

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