on judgement day would you like mother teressas life record or yours?

On judgment day would you like to have the judgment given to mother Teressa’s life or your life? Most of us would choose the life record from mother Teressa. However if your a christian you have the benefit of receiving someone else life rather than your own. Someone better than mother Teressa. Yes the way this works is If you accept it by faith (faith is the substance)you receive the benefit of Jesus unstained life as your own. Then from that basis God rewards you for the stuff you did with your life. He puts the stuff you did through the fire of love and truth and whatever s left is rewarded. However on the salvation judgment and what you deserve he uses Jesus life for that. A few steps above mother Teressa. 🙂 Your saved just like Jesus would be saved apart from your works. When you RELY on Jeusu rightousness alone you get peace. Whne you start looking at yourself and your record peace goes away in a never ending up and down argument. Looking to yourself brings trouble. Looking unto Jesus brings peace. (the effect of righteousness is peace, quietness and assurance forever) (he keeps our hearts quiet and at rest AS WE TRUST IN CHRIST JESUS)
So what happened is since we could never give God a perfect performance, God sent in a professional to live for you. He gave a perfect performance, then was treated as if he did everything wrong. So that you who did it wrong could be counted as is you lived a perfect life. This is the foundation you build on.


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