when a strong man guards his house? who is he, where’s his house

OK Jesus says when a strong man fully armed guards his house it is safe until someone stronger and better armed comes along and takes away his armor where in he trusted. First bind the strong man then you can take away his goods.

Who is this strong man? Jesus says first bind him, how? where is his house that Jesus mentioned?

Well your heart is your house… Jesus could be the strong man or the devil could be the strong man.  Depends on where you are at.

When the devil has your heart. Jesus can break through and take it over. but I am getting ahead of myself.

Lets look at it from my perspective. As a Christian we know that there are forces trying to steal the WORD out our heart. We know the kingdom of God in your heart is made up of Gods words replacing the “truths” currently in there. The forces that come against us are

The cares of this life.

The want of other things.(The decietfull riches of this world)

The cares of this world

The devil.

Trials and tough times.

A hard heart.

Lack of a root of love (roots dont go very deep and the sun comes to burn it up; be “rooted and grounded in love”)

Whats on the other end. The part that comes from God. Love, Truth, Joy. The word. Faith

Ok so we know that the devil comes in to steal, kill or destroy. So well call him the strong man.

How do we bind him. how are we stronger. In the old testament the word says LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH. and also THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH.

So love is stronger. Joy comes from love. God causes us to have all joy and peace in believing.

Love is the stronger man. He comes fully armed to take back what the devil stole. He comes in fully armed with the word.  The new testament says speaking the truth in love we may grow up into him.

So love with the word can come take over your heart. Lo ve is stronger than death. Faith works thorugh love.


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