Miracles? Yes virginia, there is a Jesus “clause”.

Also when we have all kinds of things telling us what the truth is instead of the word of God we become tossed on a sea of all kinds of ideas. Our eye needs to be single. (we live in lie world now, Jesus truth has invaded)


The word of God can tell you your healed even while you feel sick. If you cling to the word of God it will eventually spring up and make you well. If you cling to what your feeling at the time you will never get any better.You have to have something thats greater than your reasoning and your senses to tell you the truth. Gods reality (kingdom) HAS ALLREADY invaded our reality. The Curse has been dealt with and as we belive it God’s kingdom shows up in our lives. The word of God gives us true north. No more double north on our compass. Through faith and patience we then see what God says is true. It changes reality. Jesus demostrated that over and over. Our resoning is not to be trusted, our senses can lie. What God says can happen can happen. Sick people well. A little lunch becomes a feast for thousands. Fishermen walk on water. Dead people live again. A different reality invades what we thoguht was true. All that is here now. Miracles become true. Yes virginia there is a Jesus “clause”.


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