Would you like to be strongly upheld?

The word says God’s eyes are going to and fro about the earth to see whom he might strongly uphold. What does that mean and who is it he can strongly uphold? Well some of the other word give us the clue.

He upholds all things by the word of his power. Its interesting that he doesn’t say the power of his word. No the word is of his power. All things are “upheld” by the word of his power. Getting clearer yet on how you can be upheld?

Another verse says, those who have become a part of God’s family make a habit of sinning because Jesus Christ, God son (the word) holds him securely and the devil can not get his hands on him. Here is the “hold” word again in relationship to the word.

So we see God upholding his word. If you believe in God’s word you will be upheld.  When you put faith in God’s word your giving glory to God.

He meets our needs according to (in direct relation to ) his riches in glory by Christ Jesus (who is the word).

So again we see you give glory to God by sticking to his word, believing it and standing on it and in that direct relation you will be upheld.

God is looking all the time to find someone he can strongly uphold. Will it be you?

In peter it says, God has given us exceedingly great and precious proimises, that by them you might be partakers of the divine nature. (Gods output)

You need get Gods promises in you so you can be strongly upheld and partake in Gods output. I recommend this Promise book. It’s the Jesus person pocket promise book by David Wilkerson.


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