Guard your heart with all diligence, but how?

This might do better thtough a “mindmap” diagram. However I will color the words so you can make the connections. Take some time to study each colored word and connect it with the other similarly colored words.

The word says guard your heart with all diligence. I was wondering how to do that. Well the word always has the answer. Follow this chain of logic. The bible says “hand of the diligent will bear rule” It says also “he will uphold us with his right hand. We know that Jesus is at the right hand of God. So in this instance we see the word pointing at Jesus. In the old testament we see it says “put me as a seal upon your heart”. This is leading us to see trusting Jesus as the armor of our heart. One verse says They that accept the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life through the one, though Jesus. We know that Jesus is our righteousness. We also know Jesus is our peace. We are complete or one in him. The word says as you received Jesus, so walk ye in him. So we put on Jesus by faith because that’s how we received him. It says God always causes us to triumph in him. It says take every thought captive to the knowledge we have of Christ. (that knowledge comes through faith)

So guarding our heart means emphasis on the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. Your spirit is alive through righteousness. This comes through trusting Jesus and what he has done for us. It is a living thing because as we trust him we act differently, we think differently. New sap is coming into our branch. Instead of trying to be good we trust in Jesus to help us be good. Big difference. Being good by keeping rules leads us to pride and eventually a fall. Being good by drawing form the vine by living trust causes real goodness and sets us free from rules. Trusting Jesus is the end of the law since he became the curse of the law for us. He absorbed the whole rule based relationship into himself so that we can live by trusting him and his power and not by rule keeping.  The word says t0 be animated and motivated by God’s spirit and so escape the compulsions of a legalistic lifestyle. The letter of the law kills, but the spirit gives life.

So we see a thought by thought bringing every thought captive to what God says we are in Jesus, who we are in Jesus. We give weight or glory to what God says we are in Jesus, what it says we have, who it says we are. He is the vine. We are the branches. There is a lot to this but Gods design is that we become one with him, conformed to his image. The way we grew up as children is we were told things, experienced things about who we were and what we could do in life and we believed some things and disbelieved other things and we then became who we are now. Well Jesus says we need to start over at square one like little children, A new birth so to speak. Now we let Who we are in Jesus tell us who we are. We let what God says we can do be our limits. We then become conformed to his image. from thought to thought by his spirit.

There is a lot to this protection Jesus offers.  We know that Jesus is our  righteousness. So we are right with God. We know that Jesus is the word so thats part of our protection. There is a lot to this but to guard your heart is to trust in Jesus. His annointing on us breaks our yoke (to sin and flesh) and sets us free.


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