Easy yoke? then why is it hard sometimes?

I was wondering if Christianity is labeled the easy yoke by Jesus why is it hard sometimes? I asked God. 

The long and short of it is when its hard you are not in Gods yoke. Sin is the hard yoke. 

There are a few scriptures that give light on this. 

The way of the transgressor is hard.

Great peace have those who love thy law and nothing for by any means offend them.

We also know that ALL the laws of God are summed up by "thing one, and thing two";. Love your God with all you heart, mind, sould and strength. Love you neigbor as yourself. So that means the yoke Jesus talked about is in that commandment. SO any trouble you are having is linked ot not being in love, either with yourself or with others.

If you are unsettled it is uncomfortable. Its for your own good so that you can turn back to God where its comfortable. Thats why God subjected the world to the curse “in hope.” I thought that was odd. I asked God how that was a good thing. He told me if he left the world all nice and cozy with no curse people would never turn back to him. Sin is supposed ot bring bad stuff. Kind of like a spanking. When you get into sin it gets bad.


 God always tells me to “stay in the house”. He says make your home in my love. Its a nice house. It says in psalm 91 if we live there we will remain fixed and stable. In a world like ours we need this kind of shelter The door is Jesus, you are accepted because of him so that you don’t have to wear yourself out trying to “make God like you” and instead focus on Gods gift of love. I was wearing myself out sometimes trying to love God. Sounds strange but if you think of yourself as coming short in our relationship to God there is a constant trying to do more to please him. That’s a hole that can never be filled. Jesus worked to please God so that you can relax. I was wondering about this and God told me "your a branch and not the vine". Meaning you recieve love from God then you produce. If you believe you are not quite right with God you never can recieve and then you can not produce fruit.  

To the root of the problem:

Even though you may outwardly be keeping the law as far as you know you could be violating it on the inside. For Instance It says “take every thought captive to the knowledge of Christ.” This indicates your going to have strange thoughts. I can by faith be trusting Christ in a spirit of love (faith works by love) and I can see thoughts sort of bubbling up from my heart that are bad be automatically killed by Christs anointing. Its hard to explain but I sort of never even “think the thoughts.” They are replaced by truth and never get to the surface. That’s the core of this thing. To have your inside life clean. Once you get thought under control then you can get everything else right. Love orders all things correctly. In 1st corinthians it says “love thinks no evil” A simple fix for your thoughtlife. Lets you see right. Without love all your Christian experience is worthless and will not have any profit left. Love is the consuming fire talked about in the bible. The bible says God is a consuming fire+God is love=Love is a consuming fire. It burns up all the wood hay and stubble and only the good stuff is left.


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