where there is no wood the fire goes out…

When you take away the devils legal rights , he can’t mess with ya. The bible says where there is no wood the fire goes out. And it also says “he keeps us safe in a shelter safe from the strife of tongues.Trusting Jesus is that shelter. He makes it so that you can have good thoughts. Jesus says he that abides in me produces good fruit. When we trust in Jesus he takes away the worry we had, makes us able to be good people. He said without him we could do nothing. The bible says the just shall walk by faith. Jesus says hes th epath (the way). So trusting in Jesus is the way God wants us to live.  Jesus takes away the strife, makes us peaceful. He said in me you would have peace, in the world you will have tribulation. Inside yourself when yo feel thoughts bubbling up, you can trust Jesus and the bad thoughts wont even come up. His power makes the bad ones not able to reach the surface.


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