His super will invade your natural. Judge the word of God as super and above your natural and see the supernatural

I was reading where Jesus said he did not come not the world to condemn the world. It said that to those that don’t believe that they are already judged by the word. I was wondering how this works. Well it works by the parable of the sower. When you read something in the word and you don’t believe it then that’s the judgment. You read about salvation and accept it. You read about the gift of the holy spirit and accept it. You read about God healing you already by his stripes, you then check your body’s symptoms and think, hey im not healed. And there it is, Judged. You judged your symptoms as having more weight than what the word said. So in this case yo will never receive your healing even though Jesus all ready paid for your healing. Lets say you feel the symptoms but then give more weight to the word and how you were healed by the stripes on his back. Now you judged Jesus word and his actions as greater than your natural experiences. Now God sees that and the word will eventually remove your natural circumstances.

Then his super is free to invade your natural.

As long as you keep faith pressure on the word then the seed is in the ground and your natural is going to see a green plant rise from it. However look back like lots wife, waver, believe the symptoms and that seed wont grow.  Faith is being certain. Then hold fast your proffession of faith. Through faith and patience recieve the promises. Be careful how you hear, In the same weight or measure you give to the word you hear will be measured back to you.

You read that God promises prosperity to his servants so that he may establish his covenant. You then think about your abilty, maybe you didn’t finish college or whatever, you give that more weight than you do the supernatural God and his promises and there you are judge.

Judge not for in the same manner you judge you will be judged. Give wieght to the super word and soon your natural will change. Give weight to the normal natural instead of the word and you will never see the supernatural. Unless you have faith like a little child you will never see the kingdom of God. So the word is judging you as you judge the word. Thats cause everything was made by the word. We get supplied by his riches in glory (weight) through Christ (anointing) Jesus. So give Gods word weight and it will show up , just like if you plant a seed.

Judge the word of God as super and above your natural and wait and see the supernatural.


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