Choose Christ, dont be double minded.

Since the word of God was released it has met opposition. Satan started the whole thing by saying things other than what God said. Those dark words have spread destruction and misery. Today both kingdoms are talking to you. You have the knowledge of both good and evil. Once you believe evil it starts a downward cycle. The evil at work in you darkens your mind and makes it impossible to see correctly.  When you receive truth which is what God says you start to receive life. It begins to clear you up Jesus cleans us up by the washing of the water of the word.

When we give equal weight to both god and evil confusion is the result. There is a mind of your flesh that is selfish and uses reasoning. There is a spirit mind that works by faith. By believing you have the mind of Christ you have it.  When becoming single minded yo need to have sin not present in your reasoning, and the only way that can happen is by faith in the blood. Once you are free from sin by the blood then union with Jesus by faith keeps you in the anointing which breaks your yoke.  (“living in you as you trust in him”)(the annointing {Christ} dwells in your heart by faith) The bible says the mind set on the flesh is death, the mind set on the spirit is life and peace. When you are united with Christ by faith you can think clearly and be free from satans grasp on you mind and free from his urges that he puts in your heart. When you disconnect from walking by faith in Christ then you are subject to  all kinds of ugres, thoughts, pictures that come with force. We must stay with christ by faith to survive and thrive.

It says in Romans that if by the spirit you put to death your flesh you will live, but if you keep following your human nature, (which is influenced by the kingdom of darkness) you are lost and will perish.

So each day we must depend on Christ for life and freedom from our own selfishness and error. You can choose Christ by faith. He comes in by the door. If you don’t choose him by faith the devil and his kingdom will rule you. He wont ask, he comes over the wall.

OS there are many ideas images and urges coming to us all the time, trusting Christ makes us complete.

The bible says the one you obey he will take you. So you are going to choose a master, either Christ or by default the devil.

You got to pick one and let the rest go. Pick one. Only one


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