how to NOT be a spiritual idiot.

It says that in the bible God made two men into one when he sent Christ.

By belief in the sacrifice of Christ the “power” of sin is defeated. This allows you to be free from its influence. Living in that spirit allows you to do the right thing. Sin is only empowered when it is a living thing. Faith in Jesus blood makes it dead, since Jesus paid for it. Once Jesus sacrifice is alive in you through faith, by just believing it, it makes sin dead in you. Sin is a spiritual thing, the law of the SPIRIT of life in christ Jesus makes us free from the power of the law of sin and death. Trusting Jesus is the only rightousness there is. By faith his sacrifice is credited to you and stops sin from making you a spiritual idiot. When sin is operating in your life you can’t think right , just like adam lost his mind after the fall and blamed eve and God in one sentance. Sin makes you a spiritual moron. Christs’ blood makes you think strait. Makes you sane. You can’t think right with sin active in your life.


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