What the heck is grace and how big is it exactly?

I was sitting on the rocking on the chair out on my porch the Lord told me. You know what Jesus did? he was innocent and got put to death. How much money would make that right? Then i thought 1000$, no a million, no a trillion? how about all the money that ever was? no amount of money could make it right. Now how much effort would compensate for that injustice? a weeks worth of work? how bout a months? how bout a lifetime of effort? would that make it right? How about two peoples lifetime of work? how about a millions peoples work? would that make it OK? How about everyone that ever lived? how about their effort? Would that make it right? NO it would never work.. there is no amount of effort. Well that enormous, unpayable debt. The immensity of it, its sum, how it can never be paid for or worked off. The sum of all that is the grace available to us through trusting Jesus Christ. That’s a lot. Its holy, if you think about its depth it will bless ya.

<< Romans 5:17 >>

Bible in Basic English
For, if by the wrongdoing of one, death was ruling through the one, much more will those to whom has come the wealth of grace and the giving of righteousness, be ruling in life through the one, even Jesus Christ.

Here it is in the words of the great Scot Robert Haldane, “Many Christians are afraid to give the scriptural language on this subject the full extent of its meaning; and instead of representing themselves as…perfectly righteous by the righteousness of the Son of God, they look on their justification as merely an accounting of them as righteous while they are not so in reality. They think that God mercifully looks on them in a light which is more favourable than the strictness of truth would warrant. But the Scriptures represent believers as truly righteous, possessing a righteousness fully answerable to all the demands of the law.”

(from the site http://isaiah543.wordpress.com/2006/08/16/romans-324-and-the-gift-of-righteousness/)


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