someone wrote me asking how to get rid of fear. Perfected love casts out all fear

The word of God says perfected love casts out fear.

So you need to go after perfected love.

The way to do this is to give more weight to Gods words than to the enemies words or your own reasoning. especially about love in this case. God has allready given us what we need through his promises.

If we give weight to something we give it “glory” God meets our needs in direct relation to the riches of glory in Christ Jesus So we need to give Gods words weight. We also need to give the enemies words no weight.

Abraham strengthened his own faith by “considering not” his own body or that of Sara’s, but only God’s promise.

This Gives glory (weight) to God. God makes things by speaking believing, and since Abraham believed God then God was able to move.

Their is a spirit of fear that can be ordered off of you do to your authority in Christ. I have held to a scripture verse and gotten fear off me completely.

I once had a spirit say he was going to kill me and felt a overwhelming fear as he said it. I replied that God promised in his word to protect me and keep me from the evil one. After r holding OT my side for awhile I finally said, God says he will protect me, you say you are going to kill me. So go ahead kill me , if you can. After a while I started to mock him with it. He promptly left .

God has a revelation on this tailored completely for you , Ask God to reveal it to you and give him some faith to work with and he will get that revelation to you.


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