biblical mathmatics

Since God is super logical his word can be thought of as logical as well. ITs almost like a math problem

Here is example of how this works

We=sinners we =sin, Jesus was made sin for us so we(no longer equal to) sin thorugh Christ



But Jesus=Good

If then we make Jesus=Sin

then we can make We=Good             w=S J=G but we change J=S then W=G when J+W occurs

Here is another.

You are a like a tree

Jesus said make a tree good or make it evil (dual,duo, 2 knowledge of good and evil made this occur)

SO we make Tree=Good   (T=G)

Only God is Good. God is LOVE therefore to make a tree good you have to make a tree love.

Only God=Good (Gd+G) and GOd=Love  (Gd=L) SO to make T=G we need to make T=L

So to make you good you have to be love. How do you become love?

The love of God is in Christ Jesus. How do you get in Christ Jesus? I see two ways, he that eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and speaking the truth in love we grow up into him.

So by accepting Jesus Death we are in Christ we+(Jesus Death)=We In HIm also By We+(Truth In Love)

The bible says we are made whole (no longer duo, evil, 2) and holy (set apart) by his love.

We are complete in him.

Here’s some more If your eye ius single your whole boday is full of light. God is Light, God is love, There fore make your eye love and you will have light inside. 1 corithinas 13 says now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face. I believe the dark glass is out heart. Love is the corrective lense. Jesus said a loveless world is a sightless world, and the light came into the world but the darkness comprehended it not.


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