he was a murderer from the beggining because he abode not in the truth

I thought I would write this down. I was asking God what not abiding in the truth and murder have in common. The way this works is since faith is the substance of things not seen, then lies destroy things. Lies say something that is is not. When you believe something it goes into your heart, believing is the door. Jesus said he comes in through the door and everyone that tries to go around the door is a theif and a robber. Those thoughts you get that go against faith and are so persistant are examples. So when you believe a lie it goes against truth and destroys it. Since faith is the basis of all matter lies are dangerous. Satan’s lies were there to try to “kill” God. So God threw him out of heaven. Now he is here in our atmosphere and he uses the same tactics to try destroy here as in heaven. Since you are in the image of God he will use lies against you just like he did God. Abiding not in the truth is a step into drakness. Lies are all  he has to work with. They are powerfull here since you are in the image of God. He might mix them with feelings or facts but if it goes against Gods words and Gods will it needs to be resisted. (see armor of God) The first part of the armor is TRUTH. Once we discover the truth we have to hold to that and not waver, and thus not be destroyed or harmed. The way not to waver is not to consider anything else just like abraham. Also like Sara we consider him faithful who promised. Then we have a single eye that Jesus talked about and we give more weight (glory) to who God is and what he can do than to our reasonings, logic, symptoms, feelings and what we call “reality”. Our needs are supplied according to his riches in glory (weight). Like jesus said “as your faith so be it done unto you.” Also he said be carefull how you hear because with the same measure you hear it will be measured back to you. SO we see with a murderer like this on the loose we need to take every thought captive just as the bible says to.

Since God is the author of reality he can do anything with it that he wishes. So every other thing is irrelavent when God is in the mix. If you look at the bible God is always trying to get us to believe him and his superiority over circumstances. He shows over and over that what we call “reality” is not relavent when faith in God is applied. This seems to be the central lesson of faith.

This is interesting because Gods kingdom has come to earth already.. The word of God when believed contrary to present circumstances will with faith and patience change our current reality.  Through believing what God says all of our current reality can be changed to the way it is in heaven. Thats the kingdom of God. Its here now. Outer darkness and all that stuff is here now. Jesus is the door into it and then we go from faith ot faith, from glory to glory (weight to weight). We start shifting the weight of our beliefs from having circumstances, symptoms and the world at large dominating us to giving Gods word weight and then dominating the world. Being the head and not the tail.


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