invited to the feast

you remember reading about how Jesus said that the kingdom of God was like a king who put on a feast and invited people. Some people made excuses. So God told the servants to invite anyone they could find. Then later he killed those who insulted him. I used to think this was about going to heaven. I still think it is but Jesus kept saying the kingdom of God is here now. When you look at it that way lets see what we get. If God is inviting us to a feast right now. Others are too busy but we respond to the invitation. Jesus slain is the fatted calf. We are feasting on the righteousness provided.

Now I notice that when I need to I can trust in Jesus to be a better person. Instead of being angry I can trust in Jesus and be a nice person right away when I need it. Or I can trust Jesus and resist temptation. I know from experience God wants me to live a life of trusting Jesus all the time instead of just trusting him when things get tough. This makes me like Jesus all the time and helps me to be conformed to his image, which is Gods plan for me. So now at the banquet I have the fatted calf and the fruits of the spirit. Now that’s a party. So In this parable we are participating in the feast now. This is fitting because Jesus was always saying the kingdom of God is here now. So instead of just doing what I am interested in or acting how I feel at the time I Trust in Jesus and get to his interests and act the way he would. This is the kingdom of God instead of me being king.


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