Im the Juggernaut

God watches after his word to perform it.

When you plant Gods word in your heart by faith and don’t let it go it will come to pass. All of God’s power is behind it. It’s coming ask long as it has faith as its life. God watches over it to make it come to pass. Not you. The word says that even faith is not from yourself but from God. So once started its all God. The only thing that could possible stop it is for you to look back like lots wife. See it done and don’t come off of it and then God is responsible for it.

Make his thought like your thought. Make it yours, its guaranteed to produce. It can not fail. IT will drill down to your innermost being, all of creation will get behind it, angels will hearken to perform it. Gods words alive in your heart through faith will have a life far beyond what you can give it. All of the universe is committed to make it come to pass.


One comment

  1. Please tell me where you found such the perfect shot of my man the juggernaut from? I’d absolutely love to put that shot (in a higher res.) as a skin on my new laptop. Please do share brother

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