Why did you do this to me God?

I read a post on a blog at this link


From scripture I can show you God is not your problem and that he does not control everythign down here yet. Since “faith is the substance” God can not help without it even if he wanted to. In isaiah it says fear terror and oppression will gather together but not by me says the lord. Your problems come to you not from God but from the other side in hopes that you will get mad or frustrated and get offended at God and fall away. God does not make all the little things happen. I asked him about this and he told me that man and devils are incharge of most of the earth.

He said how about child abuse? do you think I have anything to do with that?

He deligated athority. He sacrified his own son, it was god in Jesus actually, and then left the provision in his words. Peter says “That by these you might be partakers of his divine nature (output in greek) and that he has all ready provided all we need. They are wrapped up in his promises which to the natural mind are meager, but all things were made through his word so its no somall provision. When we fell we got a heart of both good and evil. This really messed us up since we need real faith to recieve from god and our heart was “whishy washy”. First realize from scripture God didn’t bring the terror, opression etc. Then realize He has provided a way out through his blood and promises. Stand against the curse that Jesus bore for you by faith. There is simply no other way out. Take a look at my blog for more stuff like this is you want. Thingsgodtaughtme.wordpress.com


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