Making a devil free Environment

The word says give the devil no place. Place? how does he have place? Well he is the prince and power of the air, the breath, the spirit of the age. Well if your a Christian he has to have your co-operation but you can shut him down.

In Romans 6, 7, and 8 we see the power that God uses to get the devil out of your life. Trusting Christ on a moment by moment is the anointing which breaks the yoke. Christ is not just a idea but a real “power.”

The devil wants to reign by getting people to give him the weight of truth. There is a real spirit of truth and it is different from the spirit of “truth” that rules the world. The fake truth comes behind silly ideas like “evolution” to give them weight. He tires to convince you with spiritual weight or force. For instance, if someone told you you would never amount to something that may be lodged in your heart. It may be backed up by a feeling or reasons. It should be replaced by what faith in what God says “I am God’s workmanship (in the geek workmanship says “poem”) created in Christ Jesus for good works.” And “I am accepted in the beloved.” Give weight to that by faith despite the past or what you feel like. To believe what anyone else says about you is to give that the weight of “truth”. You have to listen to him and give weight to HIS words. Jesus said be careful how you hear because with the same measure that you hear will be measured back to you. HE meets our needs according to his riches in glory (weight) through Christ Jesus. The anointed word of God mixed with faith.

The devil is all around you in thoughts, pictures, feelings (or spirit). The word needs to be your shielding and place of truth between you and thoughts that come in from the atmosphere. In Peter it says “an idle mind is a devils workshop.” Keeping you mind occupied keeps him out. Meditating is good for this which in the Hebrew means “chew the cud”. Another is making melody in your heart to the Lord.
2. Obedience, “the one you yield yourself to obey he will be your master. The bible says “the spirits rule”. Spirits rule you. Those urges that come from your body, the impulses to act quickly in anger. There needs to be faith in Jesus between you and your actions. In the message translation it says that anyone right with me has to let me lead. By letting Gods spirit motivate and animate you by faith you start producing the gifts of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, long suffering, meekness, kindness, faith, goodness. In the Greek it says one of the fruits is “usefulness”. Giving yourself over to Christ puts to death your old man. It says that “those that be Christs have crucified their flesh and the wants and affections thereof. This is one of the reasons I think the Holy Spirit led Jesus to fast before starting ministry. It kind of takes the driving wheel away from the flesh and gives it to Jesus.


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