Freed from the curse of the law

Jesus bore the curse for us. By faith we receive the blessing and by faith we resist the curse. We stay in Gods protection by faith and obeying all the commands which are summed up by 1.  love God with all our heart mind soul and strength, and 2 loving our neighbor as our self.

If any of these have come upon you, make sure you haven’t violated commandment 1 & 2.

Take advantage of the blood, repent and then resist the thing Jesus blood bore for you.

All Ga 3:13 –
Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:
We must:
obey Gods commandments they are all summed up in love the lord with all your heart soul mind and strength and loving others as ourselves.
Heeding diligently the voice of our God
Keep the law and fear the name of the glorious God
SERVING THE LORD WITH JOY FULLNESS OF MIND AND HEART IN GRATITUDE for the abundance of all things which he has blessed us with
Take heed not to be deceived (know the truth)
Resist by faith anything Jesus redeemed us from:

listen diligently
Keep his commandments (1 & 2) walk in his ways (walk in love)
high above all nations
blessings will overtake if you heed
blessed in the city blessed in the field
blessed fruit of the body
fruit of the ground (our labor)
basket and kneading trough
when we come in and when we go out
Blessed in all we undertake
blessed in the land
Enemies will be divided and flee
ESTABLISHED as holy to God
People will see it they will fear us
Surplus of prosperity
(Through fruit of livestock ground and body)
Rain in season
bless the work of our hands
Lend to others but not borrow
Make us the head and not the tail
Above only not beneath
not turn to the right or to the left

Redeemed from:
Being cursed in the city being cursed in the field
being cursed in our basket and our kneading trough
From our children being cursed, our land being cursed, cattle and sheep
Redeemed from: CONFUSION Double minded (we have truth)
REBUKE In every enterprise
Fiery heat
Brass above
Iron below
Powdered soil and dust
From enemies beating us
Becoming divided against our foes ( we will stick together)
Tossed to and fro
Becoming a terror
From becoming food for birds
From becoming food for beasts
From no one helping frightening birds and beasts
From boils
from tumors
From scurvy
From the itch
From not being able to be healed
From dismay (of mind and heart)
From madness
From blindness
From darkness
From not prospering
From being oppressed
From being robbed continually
From having no one to save you
From adultery
From not living in our house
From not gathering our grapes
from having our ox slain b4 our eyes but not eating of it
From our donkey being taken away and not restored
From our sheep being given to our enemies
From our sons and daughters being given to another
From looking all day for our sons
From being powerless
From another eating up all the fruit of our labors
From being only oppressed
From being crushed continually
From being driven mad by the sights we see
From being smited with boils that cannot be healed
to be forced to serve other gods and kings
From being a amazement in a bad sense, a proverb, byword
From bringing out much seed but gathering little
From the locust consuming our crops
From working vineyards but not drinking wine because of the worm
From planting olives but not anointing ourselves with oil
From our trees dropping their fruit
From not enjoying sons and daughters
From our sons and daughters going into captivity
from the locust possessing our trees
From strangers mounting higher above me and me coming down lower and lower
From borrowing
From being the tail
From being overtaken by curses
From serving enemies
From hunger and thirst
From nakedness
From want of all things
From a iron yoke around our neck (the anointing “Trusting  Jesus”breaks the yoke)
From enemies from far away with unyielding countenance
From uncaring enemies That are swift as eagles and flies
From not eating the fruit of our cattle
From not eating the fruit of our ground
From theft of grain, new wine, and oil (Jesus spirit)
From theft of cattle and sheep
From tearing down our walls
From eating our sons and daughters (take heed lest ye devour one another) During our misery and distress from enemies
From becoming cruel eyed, begrudging food to his brother
Toward begrudging helping wife and children
From wife’s being cruel to husband and children (the anointing does this)
From eating afterbirth (in secret)
From extraordinary stokes and blows
From great plagues that last a long time
From grievous sickness of long duration
From diseases that cling to us
From being few in number
From God being happy to destroy us
From being plucked from the land
From being forced to serve other Gods
From having no rest or ease
From a trembling heart
From failing of eyes (disappointment of hope, Jesus is our hope!)
From fainting of mind
From languishing of spirit
FROM LIFE HANGING IN DOUBT (Jesus is the guarantee)
FROM WORRY DAY AND NIGHT (Jesus is our peace)
From being weary of the day ahead
From anxiety of mind and heart
From dread of mind and heart
From seeing bad things
From being sold as a slave but no one wanting us

All this has been bought through our faith in Jesus. When any of this stuff shows up we are resist it through faith in what Jesus has done.


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