Diaries of a Christian Girl: Hating the Bible

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Diaries of a Christian Girl: Hating the Bible

Wow, you know this might help. First to get you in a good mood I asked god to tell me about his character, he told me to think long on this, “he made tickle spots on children on purpose”. (i have more stuff like this on my blog https://thingsgodtaughtme.wordpress.com ) The letter of the law kills but the spirit of the law gives life. Love is the spirit of the law. Knowledge puffs up but love edifies. In fact all knowledge without love is worthless.(see 1st corinthians 13) How much love do you feel in that classroom? Whats the spirit in there? Also I see a trend in bible colledges. My brother went to east texas baptist and used to believe the bible but after bible classes he came back to me saying this really came later, this was added, this is not supopsed to be in there etc. etc. I said wait a min. Either God is God and he can get us a decent bible or hes no God at all. It is the height of ignorance to profess in a awesome God liek we have and then to put yourself in judgement of his work and pick it apart. Everyone who has ever or will ever come against the word will eventually be shown to be foolish. God is God. Also think about it if you were the devil wouldn’t you put your evil annointing and efforts into bible schools to tear up simple believing folk before they spread there faith. If i were the devil I would try to get love out and make it clinical in there almost boring. Thats what the devil is doing , your wrestling against spirits. (loves the answer he never fails, it says to always wear love never be without it. Jesus said God reveled the scripture to people that have hearts as trusting as children and keeping the understanding from those who think themselves so wise. Does your professor have a heart like that? It sounds like you do. I would not take as gospel truth from anyone who does not have this kind of heart. The light came into the world but the darkness did not understand it. 🙂 God always tells me to stay in the light (young padewan) he jokes with me a lot.

oh ya and another thing that helps burnout.

David was burned out in the bible and he went over all the things that he knew about God.

This helped him overocome since the joy of the lord is his strength.

I have a whole list like this with pictures.

I also use my blog Thingsgodtaughtme.wordpress.com to go over the items he has taught me.

In the bible the way to get picked up is to remeber what Jesus went through step by step and he never gave up.


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