theres something there to steal

I was praying about something and afterwards as I was beliveing for it I was harassed. I would just be sitting there and thoughts would come like “thats not going to happen”. They kept comming and comming. I was annoyed I finnaly asked God why am I getting thoughts like this so persistently. God said becasue “theres something there to steal”. When we pray and believe God its GOING to happen. The unseen rascals that rule this world go to work to steal what is about to happen while its still a seed. The reason they are harrasing you is because there is something REAL there to steal. If satans harrasing you about a prayer you prayed, or weather or not your saved, or if God loves you, or telling you your kids are going to go bad or whatever its because there is something there to steal. All he needs to do to steal it is have you agree with him about it and thats it, its stolen.



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