letter to a reader

someone who reads my blog wrote me and I wrote him back, you might be interested in it.

You know I have had a problem with anger especially with raising three kids, If you read some more of my blog posts it talks about this. I have found the anointing breaks the yoke works. I trust Christ right then to make me a better dad. He never lets me down but helps and makes me instantly nicer. I found out that God wants me to live in that kind of trust all the time instead of just in tough spots. This leads to a life of love. Trusting God in this way leads to a kind of “light”. I don’t know how to explain that but you are kind of lit up on the inside. Through many trials I have found the way into the light is trusting the blood of Christ. When I do that and am real with that trust I get instant peace. It says in the bible that we should seek the kingdom of god first and his righteousness. When Jesus was here he told us the kingdom of God is here now. I have found out what he meant by this and all his parables are about it. Most people think its about later after they die but no its here now. Outer darkness is here now. Torment and peace are both here now. We enter in by his righteousness and we stay in by walking in love and being righteous. I have found through trail and error that the only way to walk in this is through constant trusting in Christ. You know like a branch. I have to depend on him for everything and he makes my life more useful and peaceful. I am constantly aware of his presence and am always waiting to here what he wants me to do so that I will not be doing my own will but his. I admit I have fallen down in this sometimes and it has caused me a lot of grief. Not because of God but because the enemy is wanting to get me out of Christ so he can mess with me. A lot of this has been strange. But I find Christ welcomes me back when I fall if I come through the blood alone and not my own works. Then I wait on his strength and his leading. He is the  “sap” of my life and when I am not walking with him I dry up.  Thank God for forgiveness. I am amazed at what a interesting personality he is. He plays with me and jokes and talks to me in plain language. He even imitated a actor named Owen Wilson once when he was joking with me. I was watching a history channel deal and saw that some people say God is a cow. I said God some people say your a cow. He answered immediately and said that’s udderly ridiculous. When I go into wal mart he puts a “special” light on those wal mart happy faces and the other day I went around a isle and a walmart happy face balloon was right in my path. He would teach me sometimes by commercials. It says the spiritual man sees meaning in everything. They used to have these sprint commercials where they would throw a dime at someone and his life would instantly change. I was talking to the lord and he said that was like faith in him. It changes everything and you don’t need but a little bit to get it going since then I find dimes in all kinds of weird places. I bet I have found about 200 dimes now. I even ad a letter come to my house with a dime in a clear little window and it said “how many dimes do you need”. Once he told me that I have eyes in my heart and I needed to put on love like glasses. He called them love Googles. As he was telling me this I looked over at the tv and they had binocular type views. like someone was looking through binoculars. I could tell you all kinds of stuff like this. Like on my blog he showed me the secret place of the most high. Also I asked him about his character and he told me to consider the fact that he made “tickle spots” of people on purpose. That says a lot. He is the nicest and most amazing people I have ever met. When I was in Arkansas at a hotel with my wife I was practicing being led by the spirit and he brought me to the hotel room door. I was standing in front of the door and my wife was to my right getting out of the shower. I was wondering why he was having me stand there but he said just be patient. I felt a little goofy, while I was waiting about three min or so I looked out the peep hole and saw a man we did not know walk up and then put a key in our door. Had I not been there he would have come in and seen my wife naked. I stopped the man and said the desk downstairs had made a error. when the man left the lord said my nakedness (sin or lack) is none of the devils business. That is pretty amazing. I was at the discount store the other day and he told me mrs. west who runs the store was having trouble with her right leg. I asked he how her feet were doing and she said she was having trouble with her right leg. The other day I asked if God wanted to tell me anything about my kids. He showed me a picture of my 6 year old brushing his teeth with one stroke and then quitting. I asked him if thats what he was doing and he said yes. He said it was faster. I then took him and showed him how to brush his teeth. Thats the good stuff on the negative side I have had terrible troubles with the devil sometimes. I find that my victory is always in trusting Christ.


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