the kingdom of God is operating now

electrical socket

The kingdom of God is here now. When a king gives a decree its the law. Its all operating. like gravity or the laws of thermodynamics. As is your faith it is being done to you right now. Well all of Gods decrees are working. For us they become active when we believe. We act on the word with faith and patience. Eventually our reality changes. Either we believe the new government based on faith and Gods limitless power or we are believing our physical senses and our canal mind. Because its all ready done is why Jesus sat down waiting for his enemies to be his footstool. He sowed his life and then he sat down. He paid for your peace, your sins, your healing. When we believe we enter into what he has done. He’s all ready accomplished your salvation, he has all ready made you well and prosperous. All this is static and waiting for us in its completed form. It all starts with righteousness, you can have any part of him without him washing your feet. For instance the Bible says that righteousness has come upon all men. Do all have it? No. Are all healed? No, But it is there for them. The lord paid for every sickness and sin. He could not have left anything un-paid for. The lord showed me a wall plate that has power in it. Its always on just waiting for someone to plug in. How can you put this work for you? Is poverty a problem? study how Christ was made a curse for you and that poverty is under the curse. Know the promises for prosperity. Once you believe them then that is law for you. All creation will have to bow to God sword based the death of his son for you. Out of a good mans heart good things come to pass and out of a evil mans heart evil things come to pass. Get Gods words in there. We are in a glory economy now. Glory means weight. Give God’s word weight. Everything was made by Gods word for God’s word. Get your heart in agreement with heaven. Whatever you lock is locked and whatever you unlock is unlocked. Take every thought captive to the intimacy that you have with Gods word. That thought kingdom is working all the time, take dominion over it , be diligent and make the word of God rule there. Only you can make it work. The current governor is persistent always talking and putting out his spirit to destroy. Gods kingdom is voluntary. Jesus said the way to life is vigorous and demands all your attention. The kingdom of God is in your heart and come through his words. once you believe for it the other current government has to move aside and allow heavens provision in. Whatever measure you believe for it will be measured back to you. Another example, in the area of righteousness. he tasted death for everyman, Righteousness has come upon all men, and the effect of righteousness is peace. Do you have peace? If not you can meditate on Gods word until you believe it. In this case meditate or study righteousness. When you believe you have it then you WILL experience peace. Since Gods word is law it would be impossible for you not to have that peace. Thats the kingdom. Everything God said is working now. It says in Hebrews only we who believe God can enter. How does faith come? faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We can stand on the words of God instead of present reality or reasoning. Gods word goes beyond reasoning, God can do ANYTHING. It says he can do exceedingly above all we can ask or think ACCORDING to the power that works with in us? what is God’s power? The word says I am not ashamed of the good news of Christ for it is the power of God to them that believe. So its power released by faith. Imagine a diplomat in another country. Even though the laws of the county he is in say one thing his country says another. His position as a diplomat gives him immunity from those laws. For instance the law of this world is the law of life in the flesh. Being motivated by the want of the eyes, the want of the flesh and the pride of life. The law of sin and death is active. However you as a citizen of heaven can live free from the law of sin and death by activating the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. You can be free from your old man. As the bible says it those that belong to Christ have crucified there flesh and the wants and affections there of. Not by your effort but by living with Christ by faith. Your a branch not the vine. Without him you can’t do a thing.  His power comes into your life through faith and stops your flesh. You can demonstrate this in a spot check way by trusting Christ the next time you get mad of the next time you want to overeat or watch too much tv. Christs power will be there and he will make you want to do his will and then enable you to do it. God wants us to live in union with Christ like this all the time. He grows more and more in you as you trust him. In this way you become conformed to the image of his dear son. All that power is inside that socket. His spirit, blood and his word is just sitting there waiting for you to plug in by faith.



  1. But the saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever.’ Dan. 7.18
    until the Ancient of Days came, and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom. Dan. 7.22

  2. Ever since I realised the provision we have in Christ Jesus ( through a similar article), I have been trying to plug into to the “socket of faith”, but without much success. I have been pursuing this path for over a year or so. In fact, I have been a born-again Christian for many years. However, I expect to press forward even more vigorously, because Jesus said that the Scripture cannot be broken!

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