faith construct 101 building in the kingdom of the air

I noticed that the devil would pull a trick on me and do something I call a satanic construct. This is a series of lies and reasonings that would make me to a conclusion that would trap me. Here is a example of a very simple one. Fact 1 your dad had a heart attack. Fact 2  your overweight. Fact 3 your mother had a heart attack. Fact 4 you can expect a heart attack any time. Now this all makes logical sense. When Jesus talked to people it said they didn’t believe him because “they reasoned within themselves.” There is a greater law at work than natural law in the world. Gods word is greater. God says with long life he will satisfy me. Another says “as your days are so shall be your strength”. Another says all the promises of God are yea and amen IN  HIM. NO it also says he that eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides IN ME. So my kingdom of God spirit construct overrides the natural realm and reasoning construct. They both could work but each depends on the weight you give them. “be careful how you hear for in the same measure you hear will be measured back to you.” In the bible in the Greek (glory=weight or heaviness) He provide for our needs based on his riches in glory (weight) through the anointed (Christ) Jesus.

Faith constructs are really great and frustrate the devil. Ok that being said here is a recent faith construct. I am using.  I am going to use verses here.

GOD WILL DO THIS since God can not lie:

1. I watch over my word to perform it. 2. ASK anything in my name and I will do it. 3. Ask and believe you HAVE ALL READY RECEIVED IT and you will have it. 4.If we ask anything according to his will we know that he hears us, and we know that if he hears us WE HAVE the requests we have made of him.

so we pray GODS WILL: 1.God gave his son so that we could be through with sin and live good lives from now on. 2. Beloved above all things I wish that you would posper and be in good health. 3. I have no greater Joy than to see my children walking in the truth.  we ask IN JESUS NAME

SO now by faith I am walking in the truth, I am prospering and in health and am living a good life from now on based on Gods ability to tell the truth.

When you build one of these you will notice that the devil comes right away to come in and try to tear them down. So then you keep these verses handy and as the bad thoughts come up you use this closed chain of logic to bar them from entering. Keep it on the silid rock of Gods word in faith instead of your reasonings and feelings. If you keep it up they get frustrated and leave waiting for you to let down your guard. If your saying to yourself right now hey thats not right it doesn’t work that way. Now those thoughts right there thats the devils government working to get the word out. See its in operation right now.  This all happens in the kingdom of the air (heaven). The devil is the king of the air and wants to rule (based on your beliefs) here but faith constructs carve out a niche he does not rule and keeps him out. The the (government) kingdom of God that Jesus preached was here now can operate through his words. Most people think the  kingdom of heaven is when you die but no it’s here right now. All those parables Jesus spoke of are in operation right now, outer darkness, etc. all that stuff is operation right now. People are in outer darkness now not just when they die. Some walk in Gods kingdom right now (its a spirit “air” kingdom) not only later when they die. The way into the kingdom is through his blood and the way to stay in is let the king rule who is love. Love is the law of this kingdom and covers all the laws of God. Its Gods good pleasure to give us the kingdom and we enter it now not later. You are currently in the kingdom of darkness (flesh) or the kingdom of light (spirit). The blood of the lamb lets us in and believing his words forms the kingdom in us.

kingdom of god


  1. So, the mind must be disciplined by faith. The mind is a tool that can be misused or abused or even broken. But with God, all things are possible. Even the tiniest bit of faith makes the impossible possible. A broken mind can be fixed just like anything else. Faith is a light that shines in darkness. Light comes from someplace. Light is a metaphor. Light:Sun::Faith:God. Illumination:Light::Enlightenment:Faith. Darkness:Light::Desolation:Hope.

    Like a moth to a flame, whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it. Moth:Flame::Faithful:God.

  2. May I put my 2 cents worth on this? I believe that we can do nothing about our faith. Let me clarify this statement. A liitle previously abused boy gets adopted in to a family and he gets a new Dad. Every one says to the little boy, you must trust your new Dad. I can safely say that the little boy will trust no one in the new family until he has had an EXPERIENCE of trust. So now he trust his Dad a little more. Another good experience and the trust increases.

    Its the same with God. He is the one that is faithful and He that will cause our faith/trust to increase. It not my responsiblity to increase my faith. God said “test me”. In other words He was saying try me and watch me be faithful.

    My final comment. We are living were we are now because of what we spoke/said/declared in the past. Speak fears and rubbish and you will become and experience rubbish. Speak good and power and thats were you are headed.


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