fear of =subject to : faith = protected from

When the devil appraoched God about Job he said that he could not get in because of the hedge God had about him. God told the devil see he is allready in your power. That power was fear. job said “the thing I have feared has come upon me.”

In proverbs we read he that breaks down a hedge will get bit by a serpent.

When we fear we are under the devils spiritual government. When we have faith we are in Gods governmental protection and protected by his hedge.

Fear=faith perverted

The bible says Jesus came to save those through fear of death who all their life had been “subject to” bondage.

Fear of death brings you to the death you fear.

The devil goes about like a roaring lion. Lions when they hunt never roar. Only weak old outcast lions roar. They are  roaring to try to get a animal to fear and freeze so they can catch it. They are too old and weak to catch it like other cats. I did a study on lions when I was in grade school.
Fear=subject to….Faith=protected from.

Its that simple.


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