The Cantaloupe of life. Living life form the inside out…

life fromthe inside out

I saw something uninteresting the other day. A physics professor said that when Jesus showed up to the disciples and just appeared that he was moving in the sixth dimension. Now I don’t pretend to know what that means but he said from the sixth dimension you could eat a orange from the inside out.

When I woke up this morning the lord showed me a Cantaloupe.

People eating a Cantaloupe from the outside in might sort of scratch the surface with their teeth and taste the bitter peel but only a few would bite down hard enough to get some sweet fruit. Even then it might be mixed with peel and make the fruit well, un apealing. (sorry bout the pun)

Anyway if you eat the fruit from the sixth dimension you could eat the fruit and skip the peel. Your perception of the peel would see it was nessesesary to care for the fruit but wasnt what the fruit was all about. Those on the outside eating the peel would think there is something wrong with this fruit. A few would find some sweet fruit but mixed with the peel not so tasty.

When we live Gods way, by faith we see present circumstances in their true form. We know that our faith will change them and we can eat the sweet right now. Ask and believe that you receive them and you shall have them. From the inside out. First clean the inside of the cup then the clean outside will matter.

So we use Gods utensils which is the word of God and eat the sweet now, by faith, int the “sixth dimension” I guess and we can eat the fruit from the inside out instead of trying to eat it peel first.

People who live just on the surface will every once in a while git a taste of love or peace, but never get much and will be mixed with bitterness. Those who live in the spirit will have there love full on knowing the external things of life are like the peel. Thats why faith is so important. If i say I love you but you never believe it you will never feel it. When Jesus says he loves us we need to believe it. Living from the inside out. Then the circumstances won’t matter. WE take it by faith and its ours. Soon the circumstances will align with it. The feelings will come. It develops like a seed and soon the plant is here.

Its like we are being taught about life from someone that lives in more dimensions. From his perscepctive he sees that every command of his leads to life. Every thing he says is true. His reality is comming ot take over ours. From our perspective we don’t see it yet. We are on the out side with only a few dimensions to reference. He sees it all. Thats why its important to listen to him, mixed with love and truth. Then we can see. Jesus it says did not take what he saw or what he heard or felt as truth. He saw truth as truth dispite what other evidence there was. When he spoke to the fig tree he believed it was withered. Only afterwards did the disciples see it. We have been given keys to this inside dimension that controls the outside dimensions. Its our faith.



  1. It is so is it possible to tell God if i hv a certain woman whom i love and desire to marry.others said it is wrong because that person hv her will different of yours.

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