Meet the new boss, not the same as the old boss…

Jesus spoke of the kingdom of heaven being here now. This is true. The old spiritual government is in the unseen realm. It is those thoughts that fly around, impulses. Spirits. The bible says “the spirits rule”. The impulses and ideas of your carnal mind are from the current government. We enter into the new spiritual government  through  Christs redemptive work. His victory over the current system allows us to legally ignore the orders and dictates of the current spiritual government through trusting him for the power. Hes the vine, were the branches. Living in vital trust to Christ unites us to the new spiritual governor. Ever here that who song that says meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Not true here. The old boss forces you to do what he says through impulses ans force. The new boss doesn’t barge in but you trust him and he works. You must stay united in this trust. If you want to go your own way he will let you. When we trust Christ he gives us the freedom to say no to our old man. He makes us free to follow his spiritual government. Working with his words and faith changes us into his subjects. His way of thinking.


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