Like a hot knife through butter

hot knife through butter

When you read the Bible you have to see it through the window of your heart. The Bible says a mans heart colors everything you see. Well your heart all ready has all kinds of stuff in it. Stuff from your past, stuff the devil sowed in it, fear, religous ideas. Well if you read the bible without care your prior experiences and other junk can color the word so that you don’t see it right.

In the wrong spirit the word that was meant to heal could hurt.

What to do? well the bible gives us the answer. “speaking the truth in love we might grow up into all things.” So we need the spirit of truth. That means is should be heavy, serious and the final say. But truth without love leads to wierd religious stuff. Truth without love is easily colored by fear. Fear is the basis of all kinds of religious junk and leads to little rules and hurt feelings. Your hidden fears backed up by a bible verse or two can change a life for the worse. Truth colored by love is what is needed. These two spiritual powerhouses make you “see” in your heart corectly. Like a hot knife through butter you will cut through all the junk in your heart . The Bible talks about having the eyes of your heart enlightened. Jesus talks about having a single eye, or light in you. Truth in love puts the bible in correct persective and puts the correct spiritual forces behind the word so that you can grow instead of be injured. The word of God read hap-hazerdly is dangerous. Be sure to have these powers out when you read the word. I often go over and over a promise till I get is set in truth and love. Rember God answers your prayers like this. He can do exceedingly abundant ly above all that you ask or think ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT WORKS WITHIN YOU. I belive that power is the word and faith. Well if you can have anything you ask for if you don’t doubt (mark 11:24) You need some faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. Put some truth and love behind the word and get that heart in shape fast. (proverbs say with a dull axe much strength is needed) Truth in love puts a razor sharp edge to the word you read.


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