Growing in Grace

Grace is undeserved favor. To get something for free that you did not earn and don’t deserve.


Grace is harder for us adults but children think nothing of it. If I brought a new bigscreen  Tv to my son Ben he would be very excited! He would call his nana and papa and tell them all about it. He would have no guilt about it and wouldn’t give it a second thought.

If I bought the same TV and gave it to my friend Brent it would be hard to make him take it. He would say it’s too expensive etc. If he did finally take it he would soon come to the conclusion that he needed to give me something as expensive. As he watched it he might even have a twinge of guilt.

God gives us free forgiveness and some of us receive it. That may be why God said you have to have faith like a little child. Some of us would sort of receive it but then keep doing stuff to earn it.  You know the R word (religion)

In the old testament it says that if you sold everything in your house and gave it in exchange for love it would be utterly despised. I think we should get childlike in regards to grace and grow in it. Realizing Gods gifts to us are pure grace frees us from trying to measure up to receive it and allows us to accept Gods best instead of begging on the fringes of what we think we deserve.


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