Needed some extra money, asked God and lightning struck

I asked God for some extra money and soon after got called out to check out some lightning damaged equipment. After checking out the equipment they gave me all the equipment! Most of it still worked. I got a HP large format printer which I gave to our Church. Several monitors, and macs. I had one I mac that didn’t work at the site but when I got it home it worked well.

i mac

Had about 45k worth of equipment if it was new. Well, coming home I managed to hit a low bridge and rip the top off the truck.  It was late and we were sleepy.  I asked God about it and he said that he gives stuff but sometimes the devil tries to add persecutions to it. Anyway truck was covered under my insurance so no biggy. Was nice to get all that stuff.  I figured it was seed for the sower.


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