Cyclops faith!

Seeing things one eyed is a lot of power.


God talks to me about being one eyed a lot. In your heart you have eyes. Jesus said if our eye be single your whole body is full of light. If your eye is double or evil pluck it out. Evil in translations means “dual.” Its where we get duplicitous, or not true.

He always talks about one eye as good and two eyes as evil. Like if your eye offends you pluck it out. It’s better to go to heaven with one eye instead of two. Childlike faith is one eyed faith. Not suspicious or wavering. Thats why the knowledge of good and evil is so bad. Since faith is the substance, wavering damages reality in the spirit world. It destroys.

Its interesting to see in the Bible that when God talks about you, he talks single eyed language. You can see this all through the scripture. Its not an accident that when he speaks about you he talks “one eyed,” but when he puts his judgment hat on for the wicked he talks two eyed.

I will guide you with mine eye upon you. Its kinda code for “I see you as good”.

It’s an inside joke kind of, I like the way God hides these things. They are fun to find.

I was taught by God to put my love goggles on the eyes of my heart. Its funny when God was telling me about it, I looked up and saw on the TV someone looking through binoculars. It says a mans heart colors everything he sees. Your heart is the gateway of the kingdom of God into this world. Whatever you allow on heaven is allowed on earth. We have the keys. We open and close all the doors through believing.

God says that by His stripes I am healed, and your five physical senses say you are not. God says you are righteous but you don’t feel that way. God says he became poor that you might become rich, and that the blessings of Abraham might come upon the gentiles through faith, but your bank account numbers are low.

Putting weight on both makes it impossible for God to help you. Why because your being double minded, dual, duplicitous, twisted, wicked or evil. It may not seem that way to you but God being righteous would do wrong to answer your prayer on shaky faith. He’s not going to violate the law for you or anyone, even though he may care deeply he still can’t break the law. Thats why Jesus talked about them having many widows during a famine but Elijah was sent to only one. God will step over the world to get to one person with faith. He’s anxious to do you Good. Give God something to work with and he will step in. 

He makes stuff out of faith, and as is your faith be it done unto you. Have you ever seen how Jesus went into one town and could do no mighty miracles because of their unbelief? A wavering man got nothing according to James. Jesus said to be careful how you hear because with the same weight you give, it will be measured back to you. The word has to get glory, to be put first place, first. It’s the purpose of all creation, LINE UP WITH THAT. Agree with heaven, disagree with earth. Agree with your spirit and disagree with your flesh. Give preeminence to the word above all else, disregard all other proofs and God’s creative “let their be light” speaking, creative power will invade your circumstances and make his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. When the word is put first place in your heart whatever reality that opposes that word will soon wither up and die. God showed me that your heart is like a light bright children’s toy. As soon as a white peg takes the place of a blue peg for example, then in your heart the programing is changed and reality will change for you. Your current situation is the blue peg and what God says is the white peg. Once you line up with the new kingdom reality has to change because of the open door you made in your heart. Your the boss here. Thats why mark 11:24 says you can have what you say. Don’t believe it yet? Why not set your heart on the rock of the word instead of your hearts current ideas.
God wants to back up his governors. He has to do it legally. Your faith makes it legal for him to act. Faith is being certain, not being wishy washy.

light bright

Our heart is kind of like a piece of software. It gets commands and judges them true or false. Yes or no: I/O. The results of these judgments all pile up until they make up your heart. Your heart is made up of what you believe.

This worked out great when you only knew good but now because of that tree of the knowledge of good and evil your eyes in your heart can swing back and forth. Since “as is your faith be it unto you,” this is a real problem. Whatever you believe for or allow in earth is allowed in heaven, whatever you disbelieve is dis-allowed in heaven. So our heart is the kingdom, the ruler, the boss. I asked God why this was and what I got back was that man was created to have the desires of his heart.

Abraham had a single minded heart, Abraham “considered not” his own body or the barrenness of Sara but considered God. Upright in heart. Single minded. This allows God to work, by considering God only we take the limits off Him. We give Him the needed authority to move in the earth on our behalf. If we consider “what is” we are frustrating Him who calls those things “which are not as though they were.” Since God makes stuff out of faith, when we look at God and then at symptoms, situations, etc. and mix the two we end up double minded, and double minded men shouldn’t expect to receive anything from God according to James. It’s fun to look at ourselves and our problems through the eyes of God. It’s a refreshing and liberating perspective rather than our own limited perspective.

Before the fall of man we only saw things one way; innocent, good. (they knew not they were naked) their heart did not know evil. Evil in translations means “dual.” Abraham had a single minded heart, Abraham “considered not” his own body or the barrenness of Sara but considered God. Upright in heart. That undoes the damage of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We judge God good.

So in order to get the heart fixed we need to look just to the light side, the promises and provisions of God so we can open good doors and get good stuff. A kingdom divided is brought to ruin. So we need pure hearts, one eye!

We need one eye. Not duo, not two, not evil. Looking unto Jesus. Etc. Put the weight where it is supposed to go. When you look up glory it reads weight. Thas why Jesus said to be careful how you hear with the measure you give it will be measured to you. Weight, measure, Glory. Now the verse that says he will meet all our needs according to his riches in glory, (weight)  through Jesus Christ our lord. Give the weight, (glory) to the words get the weight back. Measure for measure. (cept god always tries to give you as much as possible, you know shaken down, pressed together etc.)

The fool’s eyes are to the end of the earth, (duo, many places) but a wise man’s site is straight ahead (a narrow way).

Philippians 4:6 BBE: Have no cares; but in everything with prayer and praise put your requests before God.

Exchange your cares for faith. It’s a good trade.



  1. Thank you for this message!

    God is using His people to confirm His word and edify my being as I am transformed by the renewing of my mind, that I may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God as it relates to my life and calling.

    Times are hard and things are changing but I know that God will make a way somehow as long as I have unwavering faith, knowing that His word will not return to Him void, but it shall accomplish that which He pleases, and it shall prosper in the thing to which He sent it.

  2. God is not a man, that he should lie. He is not a human, that he should change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through.

  3. That was a beautiful point you had/have made. You have made me realized what was missing in my life. Thank you for making me think beyond worldly perspectives and think, not only with a positive conscious mind but also a positive loving heart. Thank you for your inspiring message, which the lord god has spoken through you to change the lives of many more and i. THANK YOU FOR THE ONE EYE PERSPECTIVE THEORY!!. You have shown me the way of the most high wants us to live. From now on i will continue to live my life like our father GOD want us/me to live, but to the best of our ability although temptation run a mockery worldwide.

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