We lived in a house for free for two years after praying for Gods help

I just got married to Libby and had a house but rented rooms out to students and really thought it best if we had a house by ourselves. We prayed that we would find a place we could live in that would not cost to much and possibly even help us. So we prayed telling God that we knew faith was being certain, not wishy washy. We then got a deal to take over Libbys brothers house sitting.

So someone paid us 249$ a month to live in a mansion with antique furniture for over two years. They also paid for water, gas, electricity and phone.

We lived just a short distance from Libbys parents in a very nice neighborhood and had a river in the backyard. Wow.



  1. Wow, God really does work in mysterious ways. I am a college student and I am actually almost in the same situation; I will be living with a friend for a few months during next Fall semester but I’m not sure how long or where I will go after that.. I’m going to lift it up to the Lord because I know He will always provide. God bless!

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