amazing prayer answer 50 dogs removed

sick dog

We had a lady that had would come over and use our water cause all her utilities were out. She had 50 dogs in her house by East Texas Baptist University (E.T.B.U.) and she never cleaned up after them. The dogs were sickly looking, she could hardly feed them.
So we prayed 3 things for her.

We asked that God would

  1. get rid of all her dogs
  2. turn her utilities on
  3. she would clean up her house.

We said we wanted it done in two weeks.

We prayed saying we know faith is being certain, not being wishy washy.
1. The next day she came over crying and said that 9 dogs had died that night of parvo.

Then about 10:00 AM the head law enforcement officer for the whole county came over and asked me if if they could remove all the dogs from her house. She had been arrested on a “dogs at large” charge and she had put me in control of the whole house. I said they could remove all the dogs. So this was the first day after our prayer and all the dogs were removed just as we prayed.

2. The next thing that happened was that that she got in the newspaper because she had so many dogs. People read the article and paid for her houses utilities to be turned on. That was the second thing we prayed for. it was the third day since we prayed.

3. On the fourth day after we prayed she got out of jail with the agreement that she would clean up her house and that it had to be inspected by the court.

Everything we prayed for came true within one week. Either Jesus was telling the truth about prayer or its all a bunch of b*&^. it can’t be one way or another.

If you really look for God the bible says you find out that God is a fountain of truth.


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