How I got married by prayer.

5 05 2007

Well I was in my 30s no kids no wife and seemed like I was a worse position than ever to get married. I was kind of desperate. So I went to God, I did a study on prayer. I didn’t want to learn prayer from anyone else but God. I prayed that God would help me learn. Well I found out that if I prayed and did not doubt I would have what ever I asked for in prayer. So I prayed that God would give me a wife, 10 years younger than me, blue eyes, blond hair, with a good family, liked where I lived, super nice, about yea high.

I said I wanted to meet her not in two years, not in two months but in two weeks.

Ya that’s what I said, sounds crazy but it said to ask for what I willed. Now I got to go with the “no doubting program.”

Well then I had all kinds of thoughts on how stupid that was, how it wouldn’t work etc. I came against those thoughts with this, “No, now I did my part I asked, Gods going to do his part and I got to believe like I all ready received it”. As long as I kept it in my heart like it was mine God promised it would happen and it was going to happen. Either this stuff was all true or it wasn’t. Well that week a wonderful girl came over and by the end of one week she said she would marry me. She’s 10 years younger than me blond hair, blue eyes, good family and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. everything exactly like I asked.  I gave God two weeks he did it in one. That’s the kind of God we are dealing with here. Suuuuuuuuper faithful, Super nice, super Good. If you ever decide to cut through all the religious stuff and find him you’ll find out too.

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
Seek from the book of the LORD, and read: Not one of these will be missing; None will lack its mate. For His mouth has commanded, And His Spirit has gathered them. Isaiah 34:16

All the promises of God are yea and amen in him 2 Corinthians 1:20 (all God’s promises are for you)

By his doing you are in him.  1 Corinthians 1:30 (it’s by his work that you are in him, not your own efforts)

So the promise of “none will lack his mate” is for YOU now based on the word of God and only the devil or your flesh is trying to talk you out of it being true for you.

He that finds a wife (or husband) finds a GOOD thing. Proverbs 18:22

God has plans for you for GOOD and not for evil for a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

So this means a mate is included in the good things. You can believe for a mate and know your believing a GOOD thing, and it is in the will of God for you to have GOOD. You can also believe that the devil will come to talk you out of it so be ready. (the devil comes immediately to take out the word)


Jeremiah 29:13
“When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. “Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” God’s Decree.

You need a promise book, because that “by them you might partake” I recommend this one.


I am including this post about how to get your prayers answered here because I get a lot of comments about this post and this answers most of them.


Jesus says “when you pray believe that you HAVE all ready received it. If you have all ready received it there is no room for despair or worry because you have it. You believe Jesus words, trust him and you have it in your heart and consider it a done deal. You have received it by faith. You give Gods word and his work through Christ glory or weight by doing this. That Glory you have given God is the substance of your future answer. It is the seed. Confidence in God’s word is something God will support. However the thief and the “birds of the air” are coming to steal it, and they are coming for it right away.
If you have anxiety worry or despair it’s because you do not yet have it because you did not believe you received when you asked, or you doubted, or the devil gave you a good reason to believe that you didn’t have it and might not get it. Once the faith is gone there is no substance since “faith is the substance of things hoped for” No seed, no blade, no stalk, no corn. Your prayer answer was eaten by the birds when it was a seed

I often have taken things by faith and had the devil try to talk me out of it, I say well if I all ready have it its a done deal, the questioning part is over. My name is Tim, waters wet, fire is hot, and i all ready (past tense) received it. Too late Mr devil, done deal, done deal.

The devil wants your substance. Once he has it it is gone, stolen. You have taken the glory you gave to God and his work in Jesus Christ and given that glory or weight over to the devil. You moved your faith over to your doubt and out of the glory or weight you gave God. Since he meets our needs according to “his riches in glory through Christ Jesus” you need to keep the glory or weight in Christ Jesus.The devil is fighting you to transfer the glory to him through doubts and questioning.

We need to imitate God. Baby eagles soon fly and catch fish, Fish soon swim and breath underwater. Like father like son. Act like God does, imitate, imitate, imitate. Speak to the mountain. Speak to the fig tree. Speak to the disease.
“like dear children imitate your father in heaven”

“God who calls those things which are not as though they were.”

“this is the confidence we have in him, if we ask anything according to his will he hears us,”

(no GOOD thing will he withhold from them that walks uprightly)

( as in he that finds a wife/husband finds a GOOD thing- proverbs)

“and we know that if he hears us we HAVE the requests which we have made of him”

Remember when the disciples asked for more faith, Jesus told them the parable of the servant that comes in from the field. He said if you have your servant come in from the field do you say hey go eat, or do you have the person working for you, on the clock, fix you food first and then tell him he can eat.
The idea here is to give God glory first, then God will let you eat. When you plant the seed in the kingdom of God don’t go back and dig it up. Keep the weight on God completely don’t ever give any weight to the doubts. Don’t even question that you received it. You TAKE IT by faith. Give god more faith than you do united parcel service or the post office.

Be sure to watch for the birds (the doubting thoughts) use the word of God and his promises to smack them. (they are coming.)
“Know this, that if the owner of a house had known in which watch a thief would come, he would have been awakened and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.”
The devils coming to get your seed. He wants that glory or weight on his doubts.



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200 responses

8 11 2008


20 11 2008

Hi there,

I think that’s great, very encouraging!! I have been praying for someone for 2 years now and all the wrong ones keep coming along.
I will try to be more direct with my prayers and not doubt God!!
I agree God is Good!

6 01 2013

Rachel, it seemed like when I started praying, the guys all scattered and I met fewer and fewer and when I did attract guys, they were rotten and crazy. Either all the guys that came around weren’t good and the prayer drove them away or this is just a huge test. In fact one guy made fun of me for belonging to a rosary group and tried to push pornography down my throat. He just wouldn’t stop insulting my faith and persisted after me wondering what the problem was. I told him several times and it was like reality wouldn’t set in. He acted like he was my loss. I knew that he wasn’t the answer. He was a threat to my soul. The evil will work against you to try to discourage you from turning to God. Don’t stop praying. You will get upset, but you are human. Don’t let the devil destroy all your work. I keep trying to tell myself that.

8 01 2009

I have been praying for over 5 years ever day to have a wife.
I belive in being married.
should I just give up on wanteing this?
I am 59 geting to old to wait for ever.
I am a good person.

can some one answer This for me?

13 01 2009

NO! don’t give up! Get some kind of scripture and stand on it! God gives us what he wants by his promises. Jesus says what ever door you open will be open, whatever door you close in heaven will be closed. Do you really want to close your door? Get some piece of the word of God that says You can have it and wedge it in that door to keep it open. All the promises of God are yea and amen in Jesus Christ. So if its in the word its for you! God is no respecter of persons, if he promised it to one person, then he promised it to you through what Jesus has done. Having all done to stand, then STAND!


New American Standard Bible (©1995)
Seek from the book of the LORD, and read: Not one of these will be missing; None will lack its mate. For His mouth has commanded, And His Spirit has gathered them.

8 11 2010

HI God is ever faithful he said he will never leave us or abandon us u just need to be serious with him believe his word not because you want to get married but because you love him. Then all you ever needed will come to you

Be encourage
God bless u

18 01 2012
Beatrice Wasonga

do not despair God will make it come to Pass.

5 07 2012
Lexi Lanai

Glen, I agree…don’t give up! And, don’t listen to people when they say “Oh, maybe God willed for you to be single” – God wouldn’t give you that desire to dangle it infront of you like that like an unattainable carrot. 59 is such a long time to wait though…and that should not be! Sometimes we jepordize our own success…keep your confidence (Heb 10:35) watch the words of your mouth (Prov 18:21) and don’t give up (Gal 6:9) I’ll pray for you Glen! But truly, 59 is a long time to wait…

31 07 2012

Remenber Sarah and Abraham?they were around 90 years of age when God gave them a child,i remenber another Sarah who was also 90 and had o compete with 15 years of age virgins for the position of a princess,but the king chose her and said she was the most beatiful woman he has ever laid eyes on,????you are still very young as far as God is concerned,you will meet someone who will love you very much and may be even much younger than you and still see you as her age mate,pe patient,the lord will provide.,Gosi,Botswana,Africa

31 10 2012

No dont give up, have faith and you will receive gods time is the best.

6 01 2013

Glen, I have a 57 year old friend who feels the same way. You are not alone at all.

18 03 2013

Glen, No need to be worried. God is not a man that He should lie, take Him by His Word. Do a spiritual check, some times spiritual spouses become an obstackle to us meeting our godly ordained spouse. Deal with that and have your breakthrough!
Cynthia Comfort Uganda

28 03 2009

What I have noticed was that even though I wanted to find someone earlier, I was not ready in my heart nor did I know what was best for me. God knew that I still had a lot to learn before I was worthy of the right one. I prayed for God to guide me first, then I told God I felt ready for the right one but I needed someone strong in his faith so that he can help me in my own faith instead of taking away from it. God knows what is best for us and it is best not to ask for what you want but to ask God to provide what is best for you. God’s will, not yours. Ask instead for understanding of why you don’t get what you want or what you still need to learn. I found mine in my mid 30′s but financially it is still hard and we are still not married. But I have faith in God and know things will work out fine. Time is infinite to God and He can see what I do not. I wanted a child but now I know I can’t have children so I don’t need to rush. God saw that before I ever did so God wasn’t rushing but me in my human self was. I can be content in knowing that I have God in my corner and He will provide what I need, not what I think I need.

28 03 2009

I think to understand GOd you must rely upon what he says. If he says “ask whatsoever ye will” then I thinkg GOd is wanting to give YOU what YOU want… Praying for Gods will is good. But when he says ask whatsoever you will I believe he wants to give you what you want. What parent doesn’t want o do that. As far as you not being able to have children, thats a bunch of nonsense. Once GOd comes into the picture then all your natural resonings for not having children go out the window. God could make a man have a baby, let alone a woman who’s doctor told her she couldn’t have one. The father to the faith, Abraham had a baby with his wife when he was 90 and his wife had already went through menopause. Many women in the bible had babies when they were told they could not. God is showing us over and over in the bible when we have faith in him the natural laws do not apply. For instance all cultures in the world chronicle the “long day” or on this side “the long night” when God stopped the sun in the sky for Joshuah. Do you know how physically impossible it is to stop the sun in the sky? It boggles the mind. Yet the Incas, Chinese, american Indians, Europeans, Japanese, etc all have this story of who the day or night was longer. Only the bible tells why. With God you could have children anyway. Wth God all things are possible… “ya butt… (ya but is the badge of unbelief… believe GOd can do anything…Open the door for him.
“whatever door you open will be opened, whatever door you close will be closed. ”

As is your faith so be it done unto you.

who can do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think according to the POWER that works with in you.

I am not ashamed of the good news of christ for it is the POWER of GOD to those that believe.

28 04 2009
Stephanie Gibson

I think it’s cool that you met your wife that way…For God is awesome and it shows over and over again. He is truly blessing your life I can see that. Thanks for sharing. I will pray continully for more and more to realize the truth in God’s word…if we’ll be still God will Move!!!!!!Keep up the good work…God Bless, Steph

14 06 2009
sarita Daley

well i am 29 and every year i get a prophecy about marriage and i m tired i want it today

20 07 2012

dont get tired ok, i strongly belief God is still doing something for yr favour.

4 08 2009


18 01 2012
Beatrice Wasonga

God is on your side, in due season He will give you.He says He will not withhold any good thing from his children.

10 08 2009

Hey, i am going through some relationship problem right now, i am so lost, i tried typing, prayers to get married, and your blog was the first in the search result.

I hope this is a message from God.

I really love your post and it has lifted me up. Thank You.

Could i publish this on my blog?


30 03 2010

ya sure you can, i have another bloig and

27 08 2009

be patient

30 03 2010

through faith and patience inherit the promises

6 03 2012
Working On It

This is exact what I needed to hear!

27 01 2013


2 02 2013

You sound very confused, do you have minister that you trust that you can talk to?

27 08 2009

When I first begin my life as a christian I would pray for my MR.Right but still their was no one…I waited 2years then finally met someone who I thought I would be with for the rest of my life but he wasn’t the man I thought he was, then I dated someone else who wasn’t a christian(shouldn’t never done that, it only made me stumble in my path with God) now I am currently dating someone who isn’t a christian as well but I have been praying for him to be saved by God’s Grace and for us to both be joined in marriage

18 01 2012
Beatrice Wasonga

two cannot walk together unless they agree,Amos 2;3, what has darkness and light has in common 2 Cor 6:14-18

16 09 2009

I am so excited that i bumped into this website. I like that reply about God wanting to give us what we want. i am 7months pregnant, am carrying a boy. My partner has another child(a girl) with another woman, that was before i met him. She is 6yrs old. Last year i lost a child through miscarrage and i prayed to God for another child and i asked for a boy. Now i am carrying a boy :-). My prayer is for me and my partner to get married, to have a stable relationship and raise our boy not forgteing to take responsibility for his other child. That is what i want from my God and i believe that He will grant me my desire. I dont want to say whenever but i want my partner to propose to me before the end of this year, by next year get married. I believe in God and His mighty power, He will never let His children down. I need all of you to help me with prayers for my partner, our son and our relationship.

8 11 2010

Hi dear
congratulations, but first u made a mistake by falling pregnant without getting married to him because the Bible says Marriage is honorable to all with the bed undefile. ask God to forgive your sins then you will get married to him
meanwhile i will pray for u to be happy with him

18 01 2012
Beatrice Wasonga

What is the will of God concerning this scenario.If this man had a child out of marriage, he has not married you what makes you think that he will do it.Remember God is not mocked.Put yourself together let the will of God prevail not your will.

12 06 2013

Bearice you have no right to Judge i dont think you are perfact either we all make mistakes, however, we serve a God that is humble and forgiving just because she had a baby before marriage doesnt mean that God doesnt want to give her what she wants. remember a child can never be a gift from any other spirit, the gift of life can only be a gift from God. there is no life in this world that has no purpose regardless how that life came. God never makes a mistake there is no such thing as a mistaken life.

28 04 2012

sweetie are you saved,you sound like you’re in love-been there done that-you best bet is to fall on you knees and cry out to Father help me Lord you know my beginning and my ending not my will but your will be done in my life- that will work out perfectly be encouraged

16 05 2012
ms. jay

My Sister …I pray that you will have a strong healthy baby and babies are a blessing, however; you did fall out out the Lord’s will and the Bible says….Marriage is honorable to all with the bed undefile…..Repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness, mean it in your heart and have a beautiful baby.

19 09 2009

Wow this has given me new hope in the Lord. You are so right, we pray with no belief. I am 28 year old female, been dating an awesome loving guy for just over a year. We met in a peculiar way, and a few weeks after we met he told me that he asked God for a girlfriend like me. That to me was amazing! However things changed- we decided to have sex after our 5th month and i KNOW that is where the mistake came in! Our relationship changed drastically! Its like God wasnt in it anymore.

Prior to that he took me to meet his family and a week later friends. He even started getting my opinion on marriage. Now things have changed. I have prayed for a guy like him, but i know i ruined it. And the worst part is that he said to me that he treasures our relationship so much that i should never think that he wants sex… he will wait. But i suggested it!

When things started going sour in our relationship once we had sex, he changed. I couldnt keep a job, all went totally bad. I then received an offer to go overseas by my brother for three months. Before my departure we had supper and he said that he loves the Lord and wants to do the right thing and said we should stop having sex.

I then once again realised that God has given me the best. A man that loves Him more than me.

Now i question why his not proposing! I am putting my faith in GOD!! i will pray and believe and i know God will make it all happen. I have been praying to God, with some faith and no movement!

God wants our specifics! I would like to be engaged by December 2009 to my love and i want to serve him with all my heart as family!

Keep me in your prayers. I am reading Battlefield of the mind, which helps to remain positive!

7 03 2010

I wanted to tell you that when you got out of what you knew was right you got under the curse again. Sin is cursed and there is no way around it. You need to repent like your boyfriend did, (i think you have) and get covered by Gods sacrifice for it. The devil wont have legal rights to mess with you anymore and things will straiten out quick. I you want him to propose I am glad your praying for it. I know now girls can propose too, I have seen it happen so keep that in mind. You could pray about that option and see what God says. I will pray for you with my wife. I want the best for you and please update me on what is going on. Oh also its important you keep your faith in God alone. don’t let it transfer over to your boyfriend. If you transfer your faith over to him then if the devil can mess with him to bust up your faith he will. It puts you and him in a bad position. Put your faith in God alone then the devil will have no options.

7 03 2010

Dear Thingsgodtaughtme

Thank you so much for this. I dont know where to start. My bf and i broke up after my return from Australia, and i cried for days. I knew it was because of the sin, God was not happy. I became someone else, i relied on my bf so much that it added way to much pressure on him and it effected the rest of his life (studies, work ect). So he ended our relationship. I was devistated. After crying and not praying… God pulled me back. I then told God that i want to marry Michael, i asked his forgiveness and believed that God would peform a miracle.

Well, its been 7 months since our break up and his slowly starting to move back into my life. It started with phone calls and then visits. Up to this point (its been almost a month) we havent even kissed! His even set meetings aside withhis best friend and spent it with me. Michael has really changed his life and based it solely on God. Our time spent together is like it was in the beginning before we met- before we had sex. I love this man, his family and the way he loves me. He doesnt say it, but when we together he always tells me of what an awesome impact i made in his life- which is enough. The small things show me he cares- since our break up he hasnt removed our photo which was in his dinning room.

I prayed this morning, so that God can keep me focused on his word and continuous love for me. I dont want to focus on Michael, because it will go pear shaped. I am not in a hurry, in Gods time and if it is in His will.
PLease keep on praying for me, friends tell me that the fact that his not asking me back as his gf, kissing me and attempting to have sex, that his wasting my time. Michael and i were talking and he said to me, that all his studies and hard work is to prepare properly for his family one day… i know pushing him wont make him commit. But i have told God how i feel about him.

If you can guide me spiritually, please do. Thank you for your response.

17 12 2012
Mulenga Chishimba

Please be with me in prayer as I am praying that God blesses the relationship I am in with marriage. I am 30 and a single mother, I am seen someone who is 33, I am believing for marriage next year and I pray God answers my prayers.

18 01 2012
Beatrice Wasonga

if the foundations be destroyed what will the righteous do.Your foundation has been corrupted.Advice separate yourself from him for a minimum period of 6 months and let God speak

12 06 2013

Beatrice i doubt if you really know God if i didnt know him, from your knowledge and the way you speak of him i would say he is a hard hearted unforgiving Father i think you need to seek more insight on the word and promises of God.

28 04 2012

wow girl thank you for being so open to us ladies we can all gather wisdom from this situation–

14 09 2012

Hi Simone, I have read 2 of your comments on here and i am very touched by it. it made me teary as i read it. I can feel what you feel, and He sound like a man that worth fighting for. How is everything going now?

13 10 2009


How Great is Our God!
I am 29years old in campus doing my Phd and without a boy friend leave alone a husband-I really want to get married before 30 but I dont socialize much. I am really encouraged by your story and I will today start requesting God (word for word) what I want. I lost my mum last month. She had cancer. But she was saved-loved Jesus so much that though I am sad, I am not heart brocken because He assures me everyday that He is with her.

God Bless,


5 11 2009

please I greet you in Jesus name, I encouraged to read your message,
i am 28 with no girl friend, I prayed that God show me my helper but not yet.
I loved one but I need to get God’s permission that I may be able to tell her that I loved her as well, help me in prayer i am Africa Rwanda.
Jesus be with you all.


18 01 2012
Beatrice Wasonga

if its Gods will go and talk to her

4 01 2010

Thanks for this wonderful message. This has brightened up my spirits. I have been looking to meet my life partner for the past 10 yrs. I will be direct and specific to God — in my prayers.

Thank you! and God Bless!!!

7 03 2010

i am A 29 YR old female and seriously in search of a life partner, i want someone that fears God and will love him more than me. i have gotten serious encouragement from this site to have faith in God no matter what. my prayer is that this year 2010 will not pass me by to get married. AMEN

13 03 2010

Hi helen
I know God has a perfect plan in store for both of us. He knows our hearts, all we have to do is believe and have faith in only Him. No worries, no fear!
Please mail me:

20 03 2010

I am a 40 year old woman who was with a great guy for 4 years. We were engaged, and I thought we were happy. He suddenly came to me and told me that he wasn’t sure I am the “right” woman for him and that he needed “time and “space” to decide.
Yes, he has been talking to other girls, but claims they are “just friends.
She says they are “just friends” too, but I don’t think so..
But I have never known him to be a liar so I’m not sure.
I want so bad to be a wife, I am a good housekeeper, I cook, I have a decent job.
I feel like I have a lot to offer to a man. I have 2 beautiful kids who would love to have a step father.
I just don;t understand what happened with my fiance. He never even came to me and told me there was a problem :”(
I have prayed everyday that God will help him find his way home to me.
He is not a believer in God at all (he;s a very stubborn atheist) and I have prayed God would reveal himself to my ex-fiance.
I have prayed that God will mold me into a good wife for someone, but i am still alone. I am so ready to be a wife!
I really want for things to work out with my ex-fiance, because I love him so much, but I know i deserve better than what he did to me by just dumping me with no real explanation.
I honestly don;t know if God will bring him home to me or not, but one way or the other, I am so tired of being alone, I WANT to be a wife to a good man :(
How come it seems all the good ones are taken already? :(

28 03 2010

God the wisest being anywhere says not to be unevenly yoked. You have been praying for God to help you find a husband. Do you think God would jump over his advice about not being unevenly yoked and put you in a relationship with someone God recommends you don’t marry? God is not double minded. If you are praying for God to help you then strap yourself in and keep your faith on. God sometimes has to drive us way around the neighborhood before he comes back to where he wants to go. Often as soon as you pray it looks like right away you are going further from your prayer answer. Not a problem if you have faith in God. It is a problem if you have all ready figured out how you want God to answer your prayer. The word says we shall reap if we “faint” not. You got to keep your faith just like its already happened. If you decide Gods not going to do this or whatever excuse for unanswered prayer then you can kiss it good by. Faith is the substance of things not seen. When your faith ends there is no “unseen” substance. Actually that’s not true, your faith in it NOT happening is the substance now. And you will reap that. The key to believing God is to know how much he loves you. to Go ever and over how much he loves you and why. There is lots of evidence to this fact. Then it says we love him because he first loves us. Now the the “root” that god loves you, you will love him. Then the bible says love believes all things, and love never fails. Now we have a strong confidence and love will endure all the doubts and will not fail. You believe God for a husband and even if your left arm falls of the next day keep believing. God may take that guy out of the picture quickly if hes not the one. It wont matter to you either way if your in faith. Does God love you? really really? if he spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all wont he with him freely give us all things. Yes he will, but through faith. Faith works though love. By the way maybe the good ones are taken, but That means that god didn’t care enough about you to arrange a good husband for you even though hes been around fro all of eternity past. Do you really believe that? I know of a church member who is a grown man with a decent Job. This guy carries a toy light saber on his waist everywhere he goes. He really does. He dresses in Jedi robes sometimes in public. He prayed for a wife and right after wards he cleaned out his truck and put in a new seat cover for his new wife he knew was coming. He cleaned up his house in expectation. He saved some money up for dates. He believed he had already received. This guy wears a light saber! in public. He was married to a girl in few months after that. This girl was way prettier than i thought someone who wore a toy light saber should get. Is there hope for you? Ya there is hope for you. There is hope for even cat ladies and Jedi wanna Be’s. I just have to say this again, he WEARS a light saber! all THE TIME. God got him hitched. Tell me hes not a miracle worker! (hes a great person by the way and I like him, its just in the worlds eyes someone like that might have had a few problems getting married.

Look at some of these.

23 03 2010

Hi felow christian,

I am a single mother, Idon’t have a bf, I am 31yrs old and I am keeping on fasting to get a man of my life.
Suddently last week an ex bf , started looking for me on the face book.
I spoke to him on the phone but he only spoke about his plans for the future nothing about marriage and why he searched for me, nothing about love.

Now I had decided that I pray to God to touch his heart for me, that I might start all over again with him, but the other thing is that his not a Christian, but I know that once his with me he will change.

So everday I pray God so that he send him back to him, I believe that God gives you your heart desire? Even though his not in the same continent with me, I believe vthat God will do miracles!

I strongly belief that he look for me not for any reason but to find out if there is any posibilty between us?

22 05 2013

>>>>I am keeping on fasting to get a man of my life.

Fasting may not get you a man in your life, Lerato, but it will get you a good figure.

26 05 2010

I stumbled on your site when i searched for praying to get married. I was once engaged to a nice man who wasn’t a christian, but called it off because i did not have a strong conviction he was the one (and i did not pray about this, i just based my decision on the fact that he didn’t do it for me). Then i met another man who wasn’t a christian, he was even worse than the 1st, he didn’t have a job, finances was zero and he did not even have the proper education, but i loved him and i prayed and prayed about it. Everyone was against the relationship, family and friends but it didn’t matter to us. After two years i began to understand that this was not God’s design for my life and it became clearer and clearer i had to end the relationship. I ended it and hooked up with another non christian who ended up even being worse than the two earlier guys, he was even engaged to another lady all the time he was with me. I then went back to the 2nd guy even though i knew it wasn’t right. To cut the long story short, i started praying, i broke up with him and made it clear the break up was final and i met a man who is a christian and we began dating. Now i have another guy who is a christian asking me out. I have two guys (dating one and friends with the other), they are both Christians (though i do not know how deep they are yet), they both have the same first name. I know the one i want, i just need to make sure that is the person God wants me to be with. Your post really inspired me, and even though i did not start off with the right foundation, i.e seeking God’s clearance before i went ahead to date my choice, i will pray that God should steer me in the right path in order to have a godly relationship with this man which will lead to marriage. As for the other man, i pray that God sends him a woman who will love him and want him equally. I also want to pray for a time frame, i am ready to me married, spiritually, emotionally. I think it is time to take that bold step of faith and ask for the specific things i want concerning this issue of marriage. Thanks again for this post.

28 04 2012


12 06 2010

I want to encourage the singles among us reading this blog. I beg of you don’t rush into anything or demand God send you someone NOW! I did that with my first marriage and it was sheer hell on earth, and took me 12 hard years to get rid of, and I have two children I never get to see because of it.

I know it sucks being alone, believe me. I am separated from my current wife and God specifically TOLD both of us we were the right one for each other. The word promises that “Such shall have trouble in the flesh.” That is why Paul said “If you marry you do well, but if you don’t you do better.” Not everyone can keep that saying, and God blesses marriage. The word also says “He who finds a wife gets a good thing and has found favor with God.”

But you need to be ready dear Christian for that significant other, because I guarantee you marital “iron will sharpen iron.” That is not only for friends I think. So be content and wait in the Lord for the perfect time. Its not always what we think.

My wife and I are talking again and are trying to get back together, but we both wish we had waited a bit longer initially (we waited over a year to get married but she was messed up from her family and I was messed up from a previous marriage).

As my parents used to tell me, “Son, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.” Don’t be in an all fired rush to get married, and once again I beg you to heed this. There is some merit to being single for awhile – enjoy it. Merle Haggard once sang that “he who travels fastest goes alone.” Enjoy this single – alone time with Jesus. You won’t regret it.

25 06 2010

Amazing site

6 09 2010

I got my husband threw prayer. I had the Prayer team at church praying for me a husband.

I just didn’t have one man show up. I had two! But let me tell you one was no from God and the other was. I knew that from the word. I had to stand on the word. I mean, don’t sleep with them. Don’t sin… and see which one was a Christian! If we was equal yoke.

I talk to my husband on the phone for 6 months before we when out and then my Dad got sick and put him off for 6 months. He date it other and when I came back we when out and soon got in engaged and married.

9 01 2011

Hi all, I bumped upon this web page. It is absolutely brilliant.

I have had a problem from since I got divorced. Every man I meet is either in a relationship, but wants extras, or they are married…which I find out later. All the men that I have dated, have said…oh you could do better!! Meaning, that they are not good enough for me. All I want is a life partner, not a counterfiet!

I am so tired, I have been praying for a partner, but have not been specific, and this web page has encouraged me to be specific, of which I will start to do.

I am currently doing a prayer and fast, so the marriage will be the major topic of my prayer.

Please pray for me.

10 02 2011

I have been praying and praying for the man of my dreams to marry me, but i have been cheated and cheated. I know i have made mistakes, sleeping with guys before getting married, but again i get to think those were not the right men for me. But i am afraid none has come that seems right.
Recently i was engaged, but i broke up with my fiancee due t unfaithfulness and basicaly i fetlt we were also incomptatible. But i wondered why God allowed that relationship to last for 6 years!. Now i have prayed and prayed again for a Mr. right, but only married men keep coming and i am wondering, why not single men?! Do i have a bad evil spirit that attracts married men. Oh God remove it if it is there, i refuse it in Jesus’ name.
Reading your site i was surprised that is possible. My specifics now are, I want to find a Mr. Right who my heart will be pleased with and we will totally love each other and be compatible and i want to get married to this man in March 2011 and i want to get pregnant in March itself and deliver a baby by the end of December 2011. Please help me pray. God says ask and you will be given, seek me and you will find me, and he tells me not to be anxious about anything but by prayer and supplications i should jus make my requests known to him and he will supply everything from all over the bible – I believe.
Amen; and God bless you, your wife and your family.

24 02 2011

i thank God for leading me to this site. my challenge is this;
i broke up with my boy friend the day i decided
since he wouldn’t accept and i was not ready to change my mind at all, so i called it up,[ this was after a sunday service God revealed some things to me as my pastor was ministering on this topic]
.two years now, its not really been easy, men come and once i give them my simple policy ther’ll run away, those who who are very serious will stay but there will later start changing their behaviour and when i sense something bad coming i will just avoid them and leave them alone.
those who are ok with it are those i cant love or respect and its wrong to stay a man i cant respect
but now am seriously lonely an i will love to marry staying alone is not that easy
i dont want a long relationship because its always tempting on their own part since its not their decision but mine.
sometimes i wonder if it is impossible for men to stay w ithout sex, because they talk about it as if it is everythingthere need, which makes me more firm on my decision that i wont,
I really want to settle down because at 27years am just tired of being alone
but i want someone who will call sin what it is and notmodify it as some men do.
i have sowed a seed for it an believe a God fearing man will be my portion.
thank u and remain blessed.

19 04 2011

This is so motivating. I want to make that change too. Please keep me in your prayers.

27 02 2011

I am praying hard to marry a good husband who loves me, can afford to take care of me and who i can share my love and life with. May god bless me to meet him soon! Amen

1 03 2011

Hi greetings in blessed name of JESUS CHRIST.I luckyly got into this site while I was checking on sites as prayer for marriage.I m encouraged by the testimonies.Plz pray for me ‘m goin to be of 30 years of age within following two months ,m still waiting for my blessed life partner .All my friends and those young to me got married.When people around me start asking about my marriage I get upset they all say to me as u grow in age u wont find a good partner then you to marry anyone atlast.I declare by faith about my partner..but I m still waiting…smtims I get tired and upset.plz I need ur valuble prayrs.I really dnt understand GODS will regarding my marriage.needs prayer.

28 04 2011

Grace i will keep you in my prayers… please keep me in yours….

12 11 2011

Wil pray for u Grace. God is great.

1 04 2011

just wanted to know if prophesies made about your future spouse’s characteristics, appearance, education, etc. should match up exactly?

2 04 2011

I got exactly what i asked for, 10 years younger, blue eyes, blonde hair, super nice.

2 04 2011

thanks for your reply, please remember me in your prayers that I meet my life partner very soon and get married in a few months in 2011. I was dating someone from a different country for 8 years, believing it was an honest and lasting relationship that would lead to marriage, we are both Christians. When this person went back to their country to visit, apparently his family arranged a marriage and he married someone within 2 weeks. When he returned he simply told me that’s how it is in his country but we can continue our friendship. I had attended a friend’s church and the pastor had prophesied specifics about my future spouse which didn’t quite match my boyfriend at the time (that’s why i asked my previous question). I cut off all contact with him, but 7 years later I am still devastated and alone. At this time I am now in my late thirties and desperate more than ever to marry and start a family.
This pastor had told me about this hurtful time and I should use it to get closer to God but its so long now. I pray fervently for my heart’s desire at this time. Any advise welcomed as I feel I am losing faith.

13 04 2011

This is a beautiful story. Good luck!

14 04 2011

i got to know about this your site just today and am graateful to God for it.
but my challenge is that want to getmarried so soon. and a prophet of God saw meand prophesized that in April i will be getting married but i received a call from an ex boyfriend in January 2011 whom i taught is the one.
when i got to meet him i disliked him. and this is APRIL, i still pray to God to fulfill His promise to me.
pls, sir always put me in prayer i need to get married now.

19 04 2011

I am grateful to God for this Site and deeply touched by your testimony. I came accross your story last saturday and I got down on my knees and prayed to God and I experienced sooo much joy and liberty in my spirit. I asked God for a husband and that I want to meet him within two weeks. Today, I’ve been battling doubt, but I am determine to stand on the word of God, because he has done miracles for me in the past. Lately I’ve had doubt in my Faith, I wasn’t sure I had faith anymore, but I just read a post on how our faith is based on Love, our love for God. It has helped put things in perspective for me and make it sooooo much easier to trust and not doubt God. I cannot thank you enough for this site and most especially for sharing your testimony. I would be grateful if you remember to put me in you prayers. Thank you and God bless you and your household.

28 04 2011

I have come to this website for comfort this morning. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for three years. And when i chatted with him yesterday, he said to me he had no intention of getting married until he has a better home, car and finance.
This hurt me, because he was telling me he is not sure when we will settle. I love this man, can it be that he is not the one for me. Does God not give you your hearts desires? Could it be that it is at His time. I do not want to become dispondant about this…
But i love this man and i know he does too. Please pray so God will show me if his my husband.
My hearts desire is to be married so badly…

Thank you

4 05 2011

God bless all of you……….marriage is a gift of God.some of us are to marry others of us to remain single. God says so in his word. I have someone who is currently in Nigeria. I want to be his wife very much, I have yet to hear from God. I have peace when I pray about us..and for us. I think of him all the time. I even have 2 pillows on a twin bed, sleeping on one side.
I want to hear God say yes……….. I want to be his (Michael’s) wife now 2day. I know if I go against God, it may or may not last. So I wait on God…….Praying God will say yes before the end of summer.

6 05 2011

Hi Roxane
Because of your obedience God will give you your hearts desire. Whatever is asked in His name with faith will be given unto you.
Dont give up! I have that yearning feeling of being together with my boyfriend of three years. Keep me in your prayers as well.


14 05 2011
Jason D

Hey Thingsgdtaughtme and anyone else reading this,
What about praying to win over or win back a specific person? I had my first date last Friday May 6th since my divorce from a bipolar alcoholic; a marriage rushed and not blessed by God (civil ceremony only). This woman, a Mexican National, I met on Catholic she was beautiful inside and out. We had dinner, drove around an old historic neighborhood, spent a little time at her house. Saturday May 7, she asked me to visit her at work, so I did. We planned on attending mass together the next day, but due to her working a double shift, she got sick, but still called me on May 8th (Mother’s Day) to say Hi, and then later that night to invite me to her house the next day May 9th. So I went. Well she smiled, took my hand when I extended it, and cooked for me. Well I called her the next day twice but had to leave two messages. Due to past experiences, I developed anxiety (yes I know about the bible’s scriptures about anxiety). Well last Wednesday May 11, I had a message from Catholicmatch waiting for me from her. It said she apologized for not returning my calls, and that her ex, whom she was with in the past for 5 years but never wanted to marry her, now that he found out about her going out with me, asked for another chance and will consider marrying her. She said that I was a really great guy and will pray that I find a great woman to be by my side, but that she wasn’t ready to be with someone else now. She said that she really liked me and because of that, she offers me a beautiful friendship. I told her in a Catholicmatch email and phone message that I was okay with that, want her to be happy, and do want a beautiful friendship with her, but that if things don’t work out with him and I haven’t met anyone else yet, to come talk to me. I haven’t heard from her since yet. I don’t want to limit myself, but with my experiences, Mexican women have been more ideal. This woman wasn’t the first Mexican I’ve dated. I am Hispanic myself but from Albuquerque. She was also almost my exact same age. So if that’s the case, is it safe to pray and really believe for a Mexican woman, my age, beautiful inside and out, putting God first like me? And to be more specific, this same woman that showed me a weekend that was better than two years of my toxic non-blessed marriage? If I pray and really believe this to happen and not let anyone discourage me from believing it will happen, then it will? I have heard otherwise, even from priests and other denomination pastors; that I need to pray for the wife that God wants me to have if one even at all. Well Thingsgodtaughtme, I wish I had your luck or your favor with God. What would I be missing in order to get it answered? 2 weeks with your specifics? That it awesome! Praise the Lord for that one! If you are praying, for me or for the others writing to you, thanks so much for doing it!! God bless you!
Jason D

15 05 2011
Jason D

I almost forgot to ask you, did you pray that prayer for that specific request everyday for that week until it happened or just once and then let it go? The bible says to pray and don’t lose heart, and to ask and keep on asking and you shall receive, not to mention be strong and don not let your hands be weak for your work shall be rewarded. I have found touching scriptures about wicked and virtuous women in Sirach, mostly in the chapters 20′s. Thanks again and God bless you. Hope to hear from you.

16 05 2011

I prayed and then had to guard it because I had a lot of thoughts like, your not worthy etc. I had to defend myself a lot. I would hear, your not worthy, and I would shoot back Christ is my only righteousness. I would hear “you don’t have enough faith for that” I would shoot back, “even trusting is not from our self it to is a gift of God”, and “our sufficiency is not from our self but from God”. I answered back with scripture alone. This went on a lot. It happened in my idle mind. It was irritating. I had set the thing I prayed for inside myself as if all ready answered, real to me, and there were many thoughts that came against that.

I asked God why there were so many thoughts against me getting my answer and God told me it was because there “was something there to steal”.

Like God, because I am his child, I called those things that were not as though they were. The devil comes in your thought life. Imaginations, reasoning etc tried to say it was not so. He needs you to agree with him and disagree with what God said or what your believing for. God simply said if I prayed and did not doubt in my heart I would have it. So the devils deal was to get me to doubt in my heart. Resoning, so called facts, images, whatever he could shoot at me. He does it in your idle mind, peter said that’s the devils workshop.

You are in God’s image, like God create stuff all the time. Everyone does. Your belief makes it so. If I tell you your a winner, and you believe it, then for you its real. It exists by your faith. Its as real to you as anything else is real. This power to create exists by YOUR faith. God, like a good parent, wants to get you to exercise your power of making things by belief, so you like dear children can be imitators of God our father. You should see the article on my blog on “what kind of creature are you”. Read psalms 51 too. Psalms 51 tells you what kind of being you are.
Your faith is the scepter you use to rule here. The idle mind and lack of what the scriptures say is true is how the devil uses your own faith against you. The bible says take every thought captive. EVERY one. If you let your mind go idle then the devil and the world come fill it up and start calling your thoughts. When God says take every thought captive it implies not every thought is good, not every thought is from God or you. In the bible it says it’s not what a man eats or drinks that defiles him, and makes him unfit for God but his thought life. Your thought life will either win or loose you what you are praying for depending on where you put your agreement of faith. Faith is the substance of things not seen, the evidence of things hoped for. Faith can become things if it endures.

16 05 2011
Jason D

Hey Thingsgodtaughtme!
Thanks for getting back to me. Well I know God changed my desire when I used to pray for the return of my ex-wife, but now I know He was saving me from something bad which could have gotten worse. I sometimes still pry for her salvation though. But as far as my ideals, I could pray for a Mexican woman, my age, beautiful in and out, and believe that He has a woman just like that, if not the one I have in mind in particular, by this Summer if I want her by then? That if I really believe and not let doubt enter, and guard my prayer, that it’ll happen? As far as guarding the prayer, would that include asking and keeping on asking as well as reminding myself that the devil can’t steal my joy and confidence? Thanks again and God bless you!!

18 05 2011
Jason D

Testing switching emails since my old hotmail one got attacked with viruses. Using my work address this time…..
Anyway if God does allow us to be specific and in a way picky, I do desire to have Spanish spoken in the home when God does bless me with a family; I desire a beautiful inside and out Mexican National (I am Hispanic but from the “local” history/roots born in Albuquerque), my same age or really close (currently 33 almost 34), who prefers Spanish, has up to one child currently but wants more, puts God first, good Catholic, and doesn’t smoke or drink. Someone family oriented. Just an amazing woman all around; someone whom I didn’t have during my non-blessed civil marriage; the types whom I have had great experiences with Mexicanas. I have someone in particular in mind but if God can send me someone just like her plus even more qualities who fits me perfectly in His eyes, that would be awesome. And that this woman can be in my life by the Summer. Any prayer warriors out there, please pray this happens and I’ll pray for all of you too. Thanks and God bless you.

9 06 2011

Hello Jason D, your post put a smile on my face, it makes this site look like an eharmony or dating site. On the serious side, I can relate to your feelings and hope your prayers are answered. Bless you.

21 05 2011

Im 31 years old, I real want my wife 20-27 ages who is torelant that can handle me the way I am, loving, be ready to love me for life, who will love my relatives, one who will encourage me, one who will build and not destroy me. I promise the same for one with that heart

27 05 2011

CharlSA i will pray that God gives you your hearts desires, if it is in His will. I know the feeling. there are days when i give up but i know things will change once i completely have faith.
pray for me too.

2 06 2011
ivone jorge

Ivone jorge,hey god is faithful , god can do anything for is children , wen we pray god answer ,according to our faith,all we need to have is faith only,faith is the key to ask god,ask in faith,marrige is god will mi and you

4 06 2011

I am 29 years old female in love with a guy whom i love more than my life.. i really want to get married to him but only problem is that we are of different caste and culture. i believe in god so much and i know my wishes will be granted soon. just pray for me that i get married soon by End of this year to love of my life with whom i wanna spent entire life. Amen

14 06 2011

I have posted here before regarding marriage and I want to urge each of you contemplating marriage or those of you believing God to realize He WILL answer the prayer of faith. I’d also encourage you to ask HIM to guide your prayer since we often don’t know what to ask for.

Another caution, don’t ask for a wife unless you are ready for her. I’d advise each of you to get ready yourselves before asking God to send one. It will save you a lot of heartache. I wish I’d done that myself and waited and got myself ready as much as I could first through fasting and prayer.

15 06 2011
Jason D

Hey genie and all others,
Thanks for the reply and the hopes! It’s encouraging and I actually got to hang out with her last Sunday after 5 weeks! We have plans to go to mass together again like we did last Sunday and then eat and maybe a movie if busy schedules don’t affect things, plus it’s Father’s Day that day. So we’ll see… Thanks for the encouragement, You guys are in my prayers too!
God bless!

13 07 2011

Hi All

What an encouraging site of hope, prayer, faith and belief. I have been with a guy for 5 yrs now. recently he asked for some space as I was being too clingy and moody. I acknowledge my behavior and am sorry for it. The problem is, he is now almost a stranger. he calls or sms es once or twice a week. Compared to us talking on the phone every day. I miss him terribly, and I pray that GOD opens up his heart and restores a once great and loving relationship that we had. I trust God’s word that he wants the best for me and my future. Please all keep me and my boyfriend in your prayers for an honest committed relationship leading to marriage. Thanks MR.

19 07 2011

I’m fairly sure God told me this, after I had prayed for what I wanted in a wife.

“Look forward to meeting her.”

And that’s how you have faith in already having what you ask for before receiving it.

God keeps His promises. He also knew everything you wanted before you wanted it, He knew 999999999999999999999999999999 years ago on to infinity.

20 07 2011

I was just wondering,

If its not to personal, can you describe the circumstances of how God brought your wife to your house. Was it obvious from the very start that you two were made for each other?

Is there anyone else out there that is still a virgin and saving sex for marriage, and wants the same thing in their future spouse? Thats one thing that is very important to me.

5 10 2011

yes steve

18 08 2011
Jason D

I was a virgin before my now ex-wife, and she had been with other men before me. I was like her 5th or 6th, or maybe even more that I just don’t know about. She had gotten her tubes tied before we got married so we never had children. I did go get STD tested too. Well now at 34, I do want someone with little sexual experience if any at all. The Mexicana I was seeing did go back to her old boyfriend for real this time it looks like. I do pray that no matter what happens that she sticks to what she says she believes in based on premarital sex saying she agrees with the church teachings. And yes, even now at 34, as a divorcee, I still will be celibate and plan on waiting until I’m married again AND in a marriage blessed by God, done in the church. I do expect a woman with that same value and that she also be in agreement and acceptance with those church teachings. That is very hard to find these days, it seems especially here in the states.

19 08 2011

Hi everyone! Praise our lord for his mighty work !
I have been divorced twice ( one unsaved and one that SAID he was saved )
when I got saved within the first marriage I was very young and he refused Christ so I had to leave the relationship also he was VERY unfaithful.
I was married the second time for over 6 years and in that relationship for over 7 years and he was extremely abusive to me and my children ( non with him ) I have been out of that relationship for over a year and a half and just want to be with someone that is my BEST FRIEND. Im not looking to get married soon, I just want things to happen naturally. I have taken this time reading book after book, working on every part of my emotional state and MAN WAS IT WORTH IT!!! I am a very different person now!!! I really need prayer for this. I feel that all the effort that I have made to be good to the people in my personal romantic relationships have been for nothing, only to be used and abused and now I just want someone for me… someone that wants to be my friend first and nothing more, but that has an interest in me in a special way, but is willing to take it SLOW. PLEASE pray that this man will come soon… I am 33 and want to be married someday yes, but It takes TIME to be a BEST FRIEND! Here is his description : Black male, deep eyes, dark hair. LOVES THE LORD WITH ALL HIS HEART ! Clean, Job, home, lover of family, No very small kids, but ok to have kids :) GREAT communicator of how he feels, likes kids, does not smoke or drink , FUNNY (I love to joke around ) musically inclined and kind of a nerd!! aha I like quiet simple guys… Im a very laid back practical person. I really just like to kick it and be myself.

Please keep me in your prayers ….

I want to meet him in two months…a little before this x mas.

22 08 2011
genetic denim

This can be a truly good study for me, Should confess that youre one of the very best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative write-up.

24 08 2011

Did I in my sleep perhaps pay you to make this comment? It hit me like a ton of bricks…

26 08 2011

Hello and God bless!

I’ll start off by saying I’m a single mother and I’ve been alone for quite sometime. I’m 28 years old and I recently moved from SC to AZ. I meet some at at work and we’ve been talking everyday for 10 months. He calls me and text and we haven’t went beyond that point! I feel so strongly that he is the reason for me accepting the job offer that moved me so far from home. I love him so much and I pray he is the man I marry, spend the rest of my life with and I also desire to give him a son and daughter. Is it wrong to pray for him to be my husband?

19 12 2011

God invited you to pray for your desires. The Lord says pray for “whatsover ye will.” It is a good thing to seek the will of the lord.
Ask him to show you his will.

13 09 2011

I have been praying 16 years for a husband and you met your spouse within one week! That’s not fair!. Am almost 44 now. Will God ever answer my prayers?

14 09 2011

you have given me a new hope, maybe it was God who brought me to this website to know how to do it.
i will give Jesus my specific request, and i know he will do it this time for me, as he knows i have been waiting for too long.. a lot longer than all of the people here.. but before the end of this year i will right you a comment here and tell you that i have found the man that god has promised me.

17 09 2011

I am a 28 year old female wanting to get married from the age of 24. I just want someone and really feeling very lonely. All of my age are getting married and some already have kids. Please pray that I find a partner soon as I really want to get married :(

1 10 2011

T hanks Lord I bumped in site. I have beleaving for a Godly husband for years and knowing that God decreed that for me . I need prayers that will bind the spirit of delay. I am 50 years with two big girls. I always meet not good ones, I beleave God,s promises.

17 10 2011

pliz pray for me am a 24 year old african lady needs to get married wen am 26.and i blive God is going to work miracles Amen.

21 10 2011
Tanya M

I am 38 years old female and never been married. I have always wanted to be happily married. My parents have been married for over 43 years and still love each other. I wanted to have a family since I was 22 years old and 16 years later I am still single and no husband or family. I am nice looking, have a college degree and a stable job. I tried to be choosy in my dates and dated men who were professing Christians. None of them asked me to marry. Now when I go on a date and the guys finds out I have never been married before he asks: how come you have never been married? The only answer I know is to say: “I just have not met the right one yet” I feel like they feel sorry for me. It has been soooo frustrating!!! I asked God: why? I felt almost like I have been cursed or something. All of my friends are married and have kids, except for me. I prayed and prayed for God for years to send me a spouse and nothing happened. Do you think somebody cursed me not to be married? I do want to be married and have kids. My sister is 42 and she has been divorced for 16 years. Her husband left her only after one year of marriage. She has been alone since then. I didn’t believe in such thing as curse, but now I feel like somebody cursed me and my sister to be alone. Can you help me?

30 10 2011

Dear brethren, I really need help. I’m a lady aged 26 and based in South Africa I’ve been involved with my bf for a year n 1/2 now. We both christian though we go to different churches. He’s got 3 children from his previous relaltionships. A set of twins n 1 boy. Life was so sweet when it all began and he was so full of love. I accepted him in my life irregardless of his past. After 6 months in this relaltionship things started getting a bit sour but we fixed it. He complained that I’m always busy n neva have tym for him, therefore started to think I was seeing someone. It was painful knowing well how trustworthy I was for someone to think I was cheating. Things came back to normal again but everytime we have sex, we’d start to fight a day or two after. Again we fix the relationship. About a month ago he proposed marriage, oh my God I was excited I praised God, I sang the beautiful hyms in honour of his name. Little did I know dat a week later I’d discover he’s involved with onother woman. He’s asked for forgivness and I have forgiven him. But I don’t know something juss isn’t working, juss last week we started to fight over a small thing and he’s told me he’s tired of me n doesn’t want to talk. I’ve sent him msgs trying to make him understand how much I still luv him n how I’d like to see things work again. He won’t respond, juss yesterday he 4nd me to tell me to stop calling him. If I need anything I must send n sms. I’ve prayed several times to God for this relationship to work because I believe he’s the one meant for me. Honestly I don’t know where to start coz he’s just angry, doesn’t want to talk. Do I have to keep calling to try n make things work or should I juss leave him. I’m worried he might not even want to get back to me.

9 11 2011

I wish this mircule happens for me too but hi good luck and god bless you

10 11 2011

I believe he is able to bring it to pass

29 11 2011


I enjoyed reading this site. I am praying and fasting for a Yahweh/God fearing husband. I would like to get married before June of 2012.

8 01 2012
Akra Tates

I am seeking GOD for a mate as well. I am 38 years old and is looking for direction from GOD.

31 03 2012

i am a beautiful lady of 32yrs. but no one sems to be coming to me for marriage, help me pls….

19 07 2012

God is really great and surely help you

17 01 2012

I agree with all of you and will start to FAST in prayer for a suitable husband, its been a long time I have wanted tro get married and have a family and my husband and a family life….I’m happy to see others together but pains me to be alone. Please pray along with me for all our needs and wants. Lent is approaching and I hope I can pray and fast for a suitable life partner!! My heart is longing for it….someone who is equally loving, compassionate and understanding…Amen

21 01 2012

Now I am 27, 2rw morning I will be 28(my birthday 2rw). I am visiting this site unfortunately. I have a hope ,soon i will get married.I am expecting miracle in this month. Pray for me.Because i am black and fat.Everyone is rejecting my proposal.But god is going to make things possible after reading this.

I had lost my hope and I wont pray and lived a life without god fear.From today onwards i will live for god.
Thank u.

16 02 2012

Another Bishop taught us to have plan B in case your prayer is not answered. But in my case, the Lord showed me someone several times, the same person and I love her to bits more because I know her, and she is born again. Now I told her I want to marry her, and the Lord is asking me to go tell her father.

13 03 2012
louis and cynthia

pls God help me to marry cynthia as my wife that is my pray Amen

31 03 2012

i am 32yrs lady, i have been praaying for an honouring husband all these yrs but prophecies for my marriage kept coming with dtes for it. but up till now am still belieiving God. i’ve given my life to Christ for the past 3yrs +,; stopped fornication or any close to it.
sir, please what do i do next? there’s no week i don’t fast and pray.
what do you suggest i do next?
pls am desperate.
pray that God should please show me mercy that i marry before September this yr (2012). and i will post my testimony on net.

God bless you!

12 04 2012

Jesus says pray, believe you have received it and you shall have it. You say “pls am desperate.” If you had a husband now would you be desperate? But you say that’s true but “I don’t have a husband now.” When you say that how can you say that you have followed the scripture where Jesus said “believe you have all ready received it” and then you are saying “I Don’t have a husband, I am desperate.” How can you say that you are believing you have all ready received it with talk like that? The bible says “as your faith is so be it done unto you”. You are saying “pls am desperate.” and implying “I don’t have a husband now.” Don’t you see the system of “as your faith so be it done to you” is working perfectly in your case but with negative results you don’t want? Your faith IS WORKING but its working for what you don’t want because you are doing the opposite of what Jesus did.

And He will delight in the fear of the LORD, And He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear;

Your faith is not in “believing you have all ready received it” but in what you see. Your walking by sight. and therefore you are desperate. The kingdom of God is the opposite of walking by sight.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

You are made in the image of God. If you were made in the image of a dolphin I would expect you to swim one day. If you were made in the image of a eagle I would expect you to fly one day. But since you are in the image of God I expect you to “call those things that are not as though they were”. I would expect you to act like God where it says “he spoke and it stood firm”. I would expect you to be a imitator of your father in heaven like a dear child. You believe first, later you receive it. When you believe you have received it for 5 days and then believe it didn’t happen on the 6th day you can forget about it. What if God started doubting there was light on the 6th day? What would have happened? You in his image. Read psalm 51.

12 04 2012
ray gressett

In addition to what was just stated, align your words with the desire of your heart and visualise every day what it would be like to hold that husband every day. Begin to see it and “whatsoever you think in your heart will be (your reality).” This works. Speak it every day, write down your perfect mate and put this description on the fridge, bathroom mirror etc that was its always there to visualize and smile over and pray about.

12 04 2012

Prayer is the master key am a single christian lady without kids and started praying for a right person but i believe God will answer me and your comments motivated me

12 04 2012

Bless you! I read this on Tues of this week and was just AMAZED at that scripture Isaiah 34:16. Yes, I’ve read the Bible through several times but that was a revelatory moment for me: ‘none shall want her mate’. I came across this site at the right time and, believe me, I certainly SHALL be writing back with news! Thank you for sharing this, I really do appreciate it.

12 04 2012

PS. Just to clarify – the quote I used above is from the King James Version where ‘want’ means ‘lack’. Blessings!

13 04 2012

Such encouragement, thank you! May I ask YOu help me pray that God enriches and blesses my relationship with my boyfriend Jason that one day we will be wedded in Holy Matrimony?!

16 04 2012

I really love this, it has given me hope. Im 43yrs and hve been praying for a partner, my problem is i never mentioned wen i wanted my husband, now that i have im waiting with an open heart. God bless you an keep you.

17 04 2012

The moment i let go and prayed in faith, God sent me the one in that moment! im not joking! this man God sent me has been the best thing that’s happened to me. now i am praying for God to open doors for us to get married. Amen

7 05 2012
big dick baller


24 05 2012
Pinky Kesenye

Greetings in his precious name!!! Thanx a lot for the comments. I loved the story and i am actually praying for a husband. a god fearing man. I am 49 and never married. My faith tells me that with god everything is possible and its never too late! Pray with me..
Pinpie, Gaborone, Botswana

28 05 2012
LA girl

i am single, all alone 23 year old woman in LA. I neve and financial security. I have met all the requirments for prayer and God still refuses to meet my basic needs like personal space, transportation, I feel like giving up on God. He is supposed to be the great powerful one, yet here I am still alone, unloved, in financial bondage. This is bullshiit!!!!

23 02 2013

You say you met all the requirements and then you say you are unloved. How can you be a christian and believe you are unloved. Most Christians know John 3:16. Do you know what it says? Are you in the world? Then God loves you.

You know your saying things about your situation that contradict what Jesus promises you.

You are saying what is and God wants you to say what you want to have is yours.

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

You 100% believe your alone, unloved and in financial bondage. You are saying it. Your a Daughter of a God who calls those things which are not as though they were. Your in God’s image. Faith will work for you just like it does for God. It is currently working as that all the things you say you have, you have. The internal workings of “you” are in the image of the internal workings of God. If God were in the situation you were in he would say the things that he wanted. Imagine God seeing the darkness and saying “wow its dark, man I hate this darkness. No he says, light be! and it be!

The bible says we have not because we ask not. The way the kingdom of God works is like a seed. We give weight or faith in what God says and in his ability to answer prayers and we give him glory. We do this like a farmer. We plant the seed in the dirt and expect the harvest. I wrote on this in my blog post on how to get your prayers answered. I am praying for you now and will believe God to bless you with some good things right away. However its teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time kind of thing. Please read the posts i have on how to get your prayer answered. I have gotten lots of amazing prayer answers. God loves you as much as he does me. Use your faith to believe God for what you want not to cement you into what you have. unto you it is given to believe in him. as your faith is so be it done to you. Don’t fall for satans lie that God has somehow missed it or he doesn’t care. Your dear to God, ask for his help, he gives wisdom to anyone who asks liberally and without fault finding. He loves to help, give him something to work with.

5 06 2012
Kelly James

There is someone God placed in my life that I feel could be my husband….how can I apply this to my situation?

23 06 2012

Do you think this will work if you feel like God has already placed the person you are suppose to marry in your life?

5 07 2012
Lexi Lanai

Thank you for posting this! :) The bible says where the word of the King is, there is power!!! I celebrate you and your faith!!! :D

16 07 2012

Please pray for me, I know who I want to marry and her name is Barbara.
She is a widow and I met her 1 month before my mother’s tragic death. Her husband passed 1 month before. It’s three years now and I’m hoping.
Please, if you should read this, pray for me.
God bless you all.

22 07 2012

i too prayed for my husband. i talked to GOD, told Him this was the desire of my heart and i was not wanting to wait 10 yrs, 5 yrs, not even another year. that if He didnt send me a husband i would take it that He wanted me to marry the guy i was currently friends with. i read the scriptures back to GOD where paul says its better to marry than to burn and that let every man have his own wife and every woman her own husband. i asked is all in Jesus’s mighty name and waited. well, as you can see, i was serious business about this whole spouse/marriage thing. within that same week, a guy from school left a balloon, flower, and card on the windshield of my car! it was a guy i didnt know well, we’d only talked in passing but here he was crushing like crazy on me. needless to say, we went out, fell head over hills in love and the rest is history…6yrs married now. GOD is amazing and i told myself if He never again grants me a miracle like that again in life, ill never forget this one!

22 07 2012

Am in love/affectionate with my a guy who is of other caste, From my guy side there parents are ready to get us married if my parents agree and come forward. Since my dad is police officer and want to keep his dignity up.. Thinking people talk bad about our family .. He is so rigid not at all accepting .. We both travelled to many holy places ,prayed all god.. but still no luck we both are in 28age and there parents presurising to get it done as earliest as possible.. This creating very frustrated from my dad behaviour.. Realy not sure what to do and how to deal with.. Please someone suggest somthing….

29 07 2012

hi im amazed at your story. can u please share with me exactly how u prayed & asked god for this? i mean step by step, coz i been researching how to pray properly and im not quite sure. wat must i say or do? how do u start off? thanks.

23 02 2013

Sure I can give you lots of scriptures.

here is a post on how to get your prayers answered

Jesus says “when you pray believe that you HAVE all ready received it. If you have all ready received it there is no room for despair or worry because you have it. You believe Jesus words, trust him and you have it in your heart and consider it a done deal. You have received it by faith. You give Gods word and his work through Christ glory or weight by doing this. That Glory you have given God is the substance of your future answer. It is the seed. Confidence in God’s word is something God will support. However the thief and the “birds of the air” are coming to steal it, and they are coming for it right away.
If you have anxiety worry or despair it’s because you do not yet have it because you did not believe you received when you asked, or you doubted, or the devil gave you a good reason to believe that you didn’t have it and might not get it. Once the faith is gone there is no substance since “faith is the substance of things hoped for” No seed, no blade, no stalk, no corn. Your prayer answer was eaten by the birds when it was a seed

I often have taken things by faith and had the devil try to talk me out of it, I say well if I all ready have it its a done deal, the questioning part is over. My name is Tim, waters wet, fire is hot, and i all ready (past tense) received it. Too late Mr devil, done deal, done deal.

The devil wants your substance. Once he has it it is gone, stolen. You have taken the glory you gave to God and his work in Jesus Christ and given that glory or weight over to the devil. You moved your faith over to your doubt and out of the glory or weight you gave God. Since he meets our needs according to “his riches in glory through Christ Jesus” you need to keep the glory or weight in Christ Jesus.The devil is fighting you to transfer the glory to him through doubts and questioning.

We need to imitate God. Baby eagles soon fly and catch fish, Fish soon swim and breath underwater. Like father like son. Act like God does, imitate, imitate, imitate. Speak to the mountain. Speak to the fig tree. Speak to the disease.
“like dear children imitate your father in heaven”

“God who calls those things which are not as though they were.”

“this is the confidence we have in him, if we ask anything according to his will he hears us,”

(no GOOD thing will he withhold from them that walks uprightly)

( as in he that finds a wife/husband finds a GOOD thing- proverbs)

“and we know that if he hears us we HAVE the requests which we have made of him”

Remember when the disciples asked for more faith, Jesus told them the parable of the servant that comes in from the field. He said if you have your servant come in from the field do you say hey go eat, or do you have the person working for you, on the clock, fix you food first and then tell him he can eat.
The idea here is to give God glory first, then God will let you eat. When you plant the seed in the kingdom of God don’t go back and dig it up. Keep the weight on God completely don’t ever give any weight to the doubts. Don’t even question that you received it. You TAKE IT.

31 07 2012

Hi everyone,iam also so glad i came through this site,i am very hurtbroken of a relationship which ended 2 days back because i refused to be intimate with the guy,i decide to repent 5months back now this was my first relationship since then,it was very romantic,cuddling kissing and very fun,but it just ended and he told me that he is going to look for someone he can be able to sleep with,iam asking God for a rightful mate, iam lonely,Pray for me,THANKS

31 07 2012

Hi again fellow memebers,iam asking for God to give me a sign if this ex boyfriend is the right partner,i have been chasing him away and he is so pesisitent and never give up,now i decided to repent last 5months and have been praying for a mate,he has started calling me again and he already knows i go to church,what he does not know is i have also decided to do exctly what the Lord wants us to do,no sex before marriage,i have not told him that yet but iam waiting for the right time to tell him,i have decided to get back with him but i have also not yet told him that it is ok we can be together,my issue is i want to start this new relationship under the foundation of God,so i have started fasting and by the end of it i have decided to tell him,and my prayer is that the Lord prepare his heart to accept this decition for us to get back together even though we will not be intimate,iam posting this because i did a mistake of getting involved with a guy 3 weeks back and i told him my status as long as the Lord is concerned and he agreed but just two days back he dumped me and told me he can not be in a relatioship which is not sexualy active,now this is where my request gets in,after just he dumped me,I continued praying and just after a day my ex and i have started talking again,so i need a sign and a miracle for us to work this out and if it is God’s will, to be married by April next year.Gosi,Botswana,Africa

In jesus name i ask.Amen

12 08 2012

I have asking god to send me a man that not only loves me but loves god. I started dating this guy and thought he was the one however things began to change with him saying he was stressed and wanted to be left alone. I reached out even offered that we pray and work threw this he would reply we are fine still not communicating. I simplyly began to say god is not the author of confusion and told him I refuse to be strung along. I know god has not left me but I still think about him even in dreams please give me some bible verses I can use for encouragement and understanding

23 02 2013

I recommend the little promise book Jesus people pocket promise book by the author of the cross and the switchblade, in that book you will find a sections that will help you. Put weight on those promises and they will work for you if you doubt them they wont grow. God is worth giving glory to in advance just because of who he is. This makes him holy inside you when you give him weight. Then God makes the promises work in your life.

You partake of what God wants you to have by mixing faith (weight, glory) with his promises. Jesus says “when you pray believe that you HAVE all ready received it. If you have all ready received it there is no room for despair or worry because you have it. You believe Jesus words, trust him and you have it in your heart and consider it a done deal. You have received it by faith. You give Gods word and his work through Christ glory or weight by doing this. That Glory you have given God is the substance of your future answer. It is the seed. Confidence in God’s word is something God will support. However the thief and the “birds of the air” are coming to steal it, and they are coming for it right away.
If you have anxiety worry or despair it’s because you do not yet have it because you did not believe you received when you asked, or you doubted, or the devil gave you a good reason to believe that you didn’t have it and might not get it. Once the faith is gone there is no substance since “faith is the substance of things hoped for” No seed, no blade, no stalk, no corn. Your prayer answer was eaten by the birds when it was a seed

I often have taken things by faith and had the devil try to talk me out of it, I say well if I all ready have it its a done deal, the questioning part is over. My name is Tim, waters wet, fire is hot, and i all ready (past tense) received it. Too late Mr devil, done deal, done deal.

The devil wants your substance. Once he has it it is gone, stolen. You have taken the glory you gave to God and his work in Jesus Christ and given that glory or weight over to the devil. You moved your faith over to your doubt and out of the glory or weight you gave God. Since he meets our needs according to “his riches in glory through Christ Jesus” you need to keep the glory or weight in Christ Jesus.The devil is fighting you to transfer the glory to him through doubts and questioning.

We need to imitate God. Baby eagles soon fly and catch fish, Fish soon swim and breath underwater. Like father like son. Act like God does, imitate, imitate, imitate. Speak to the mountain. Speak to the fig tree. Speak to the disease.
“like dear children imitate your father in heaven”

“God who calls those things which are not as though they were.”

“this is the confidence we have in him, if we ask anything according to his will he hears us,”

(no GOOD thing will he withhold from them that walks uprightly)

( as in he that finds a wife/husband finds a GOOD thing- proverbs)

“and we know that if he hears us we HAVE the requests which we have made of him”

Remember when the disciples asked for more faith, Jesus told them the parable of the servant that comes in from the field. He said if you have your servant come in from the field do you say hey go eat, or do you have the person working for you, on the clock, fix you food first and then tell him he can eat.
The idea here is to give God glory first, then God will let you eat. When you plant the seed in the kingdom of God don’t go back and dig it up. Keep the weight on God completely don’t ever give any weight to the doubts. Don’t even question that you received it. You TAKE IT.

14 08 2012

i have made made mistakes in the past but please prayer for me to find a husband that i would be compatible with…..i will keep the faith and believe God will send someone for me

14 08 2012

i have been used and abuse..i am ready Lord….truly I am..You know my heart….You said ask and you shall receive…..I beleive in you my Lord…please forgive for my sins…let me put my past behind me and send me that one you know that I truly deserve and can see my spending my life with…. I trust you my Lord….Husband and at least 2 children in your name oh LOrd

5 09 2012

please i real need an assurance that what i will post here will not be seen or if it will then my name or address will not be seen.

14 09 2012
James Prescott

This is an awesome story – wonderful, and so encouraging. Can I say as a single man though, over time you do get a bit depressed continually reading of God doing these miracles in other people’s lives, and you keep persevering, praying, doing the right thing, and nothing happens. This is the exception, not the rule. It doesn’t always turn out happy ever after you know. I’m trying not be bitter here, because I’m genuinely encouraged by your story – I might even try it for myself. But so it’s not easy for all of us.

21 09 2012
elias tilahun

hi dears?
i am 30 ,can i marry a woman her age is 32?

28 09 2012

! Like you asked for ten years younger I deserve rich and handsome!

I am extremely grateful to be healthy but what m su pposed to do work to make money until I find a MAN to support me?

Let’s be brutally honest here-When you got married you didnt even own a home should I settle for that!!! men are designed to be provIDers and protectors nowadays especially in LA men want women to WORK!!!! This is a practical matter Help!!!! I have been expecting and praying for a man WHO is WORTHY ON A LOGISTICAL LEVEL NOT JUST CHRISTIAN!!!! I AM DONE WITH THE SHORT END SHOULD I DATE A NON CHRISTIAN?

1 01 2013

I had a home when I was married. You sound very confused, do you have minister that you trust that you can talk to?

1 01 2013

You sounds broke, that’s why you are always begging God for money… And too lazy to get up and pursue a woman. You are Just low class. Your wife is ugly, like attracts like I guess…. You even said “life was going nowhere… worse position to get married…” You are disgusting and low life, dont even deserve the love of a woman. Go read Ephesians, look at your job as a man, then get back to me. Trailer trash.

3 02 2013

This is in response to the comment you made on my blog “thingsgodtaughtme”


Are you in need of help? I had a flood of insults directed at me from this email address. If there is any way I can help you please let me know.

You seem to think I have no personal income and that I live in a trailer. I do have a trailer, but also a house and a apartment with it I rent out to a tenant. You seem to judge all that live in a trailer as evil or not up to your standards. Many great people live in a trailer. Jesus himself was born in a barn and had no place to lay his head. Paul the apostle lived in tents and spent a great many years of his life in prisons. He said he knew ow to be poor and to be rich so at some point in his life he had little or no money. I think you should reconsider your judging people by where they live. Judging people is not your place anyway. My trailer is just for visiting my in laws. I have bought and sold three houses and made a profit on each one of them. I have done quite well in that and God helped me when people tried to not keep their commitments to me and rip me off. I prayed and God fixed each one of those incidents. I fail to see why my income level or choice or living arrangements is bothering you. First off you don’t know what that income level is. Secondly it should be of no concern to you. If your desperate for money I might help. I have helped a lot of others.

You said my wife is ugly and she might be that according to your standards. I think she is the most beautiful person I have ever known bot inside and out. I am humbled by the awesome wife God provided when I decided to take him at his word and ask. She is a better wife than I could have dared to expect. I made a commitment to her for life and will carry out that commitment to her regardless of what anyone thinks about her physical appearance. She is a woman of virtue and honor.

This kind of thing is called love and commitment.

My wife is currently working but she wants to. She is helping her mother and father move into the house we prayed for. We asked God in the morning for mike and sue (her parents) to get a house for free. That evening Mike came in and said his mother who is around 90 decided that day to buy mike a new house as part of his interference. She has a few million dollars and it is really not a issue for her to buy Mike a house. What you called begging I call obeying Jesus command to “ask for whatsoever I will”.

I can see by the fruit you are putting out that your in need of care. Insults and name calling tell me your of the “bad” fruit variety. Jesus can live inside of you as you trust him and enable you to produce good fruit. Without him there is no good in any of us. Without trusting Jesus to help me write this letter I assure you it would quite a different letter. I urge you to trust Jesus to lead you to a better life. A life where you help others with that tongue of yours rather than trying to destroy and hut people. (the tongue of the righteous is a tree of life) Thorns and bitter fruit are of no use to anyone and God will root out those types of trees in his garden forever very soon.

There is a terrible ultimate price for hating people.
The same judgement you gave me is on you. Judge not lest thou be judged with the same judgement you meet out will be met to you. I would urge you to turn away from this course in life. So by the way your judging me I would say you might have a trailer in your future and by the way you judge my wife you may soon be quite ugly. You will also might be quite poor and as you said “trash”. I say might because you might repent. This judgement will be true if God keeps his promise to judge you according to the way you judged me. I have seen God vindicate and deal with people who decide to “curse” me. He promised he would avenge me when he said “I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.” This promise was given to me through the covenant God made with Abraham. “all the promises of God are yea and amen in him” and “the blessings of Abraham will come upon the gentiles through faith”. You wouldn’t go up to a policeman and spit in his face. God is much stronger than any policeman and all though he is kind he is just. He will keep his promises to me. God and his promises are no joke, you do not in anyway want to get on the bad side of them. It could be bad news for you since God is bound to keep his word. Would you consider changing your mind and asking for Gods help? I wish you no curse or punishment. Only to see you healed. If you decide to ignore this I can say I have warned you and not have your blood on my hands.

It is up to God to judge each of us. Unless you trust Christ to help you you will be judged on your own merit and actions according to the law instead of the grace that Christ provides. It will be a terrible thing for you based on the fruit you are putting out.

Anyone who asks God for help gets help. This includes people you judge to be ugly poor trailer trash. He helped me I know he can help you.

“Anyone who hates another brother or sister is really a murderer at heart. And you know that murderers don’t have eternal life within them.”

If you’re hating anyone God classifies you as a murderer. The reason you hate is because you judge. When you judge you are judged. You can hate someones sin, but you are not allowed to hate the person. God takes murder very seriously and I have every expectation that he will keep his word and throw every murderer into hell to be burned and eaten by worms like trash. The judge of all creation is very serious about murder. If you don’t forgive others God will not forgive you. Jesus made that plain. Are you going to ignore his warnings and incur his wrath? Up to you, your call.

If you don’t like my blog please just read something else. I just deleted about 15 or so mean comments of yours so no one else is poisoned by them. You are only hurting yourself and wasting your time. I am secure because my relationship and worth comes only from the righteousness provided me by the blood of Christ and not my ability to measure up to anyone’s standards. I also posted this here hoping for the best for you. I owe you love and forgiveness. I wish you the best. I also thought if people read this that maybe some one would be helped. I get a lot of mean comments and up till now I just delete them.

So don’t be surprised, dear brothers and sisters, if the world hates you.

1 10 2012

i would love to get married again to a godly man please pray for me cecelia

1 10 2012

i have been praying for quite sometime and God has not answered me i do not know what i am doing wrong it is not a selfish need or wrong motive i love the Lord with all my hear and soul may be some people may have a suggestion that i may be praying wrong about getting married thank you all for your prayers

9 10 2012

I Googled ‘prayers for marriage’ and am so glad to have found this page. I am a 22 year old girl (23 next month) and have prayed for the last two years to find a loving Christian (non-Christian is not an option) man, with no success so far…God has spared me the terrible drama of teenage dating and painful break-ups (as I was quite unsocial and devoted to studying :) ), but I feel ready to meet that special someone now and hope we could become each others’ blessing. Loneliness and the sense of emptiness have been quite unbearable lately. I don’t expect someone to come into my life and solve all my problems or that suddenly life will be all rainbows and butterflies, but I want somebody to grow older with, learn, explore, go to church together with,etc. – to have that ‘my person’, that only your husband (not a friend, sibling or parent) can be!
After reading your post I’ve realized that maybe my prayers have been to abstract. For example I used phrases like ‘I’d like to meet a man like…’ – and in fact I did MEET this perfect Christian man, who fit my desires perfectly… BUT it all came to a complete stop 5 minutes into the meeting as he mentioned his wife and kiddos.
So you have inspired me to start praying again, with much more faith and precision and I hope with all my heart to be blessed this time. By the way, I pray a lot for God to bless my future husband right now, no matter who or where in the world he is, and no matter when or how we meet, I wish he is protected and happy currently! :)
Sorry for the long rant, I just really have never had anyone to share this with!

7 11 2012

i am living n netherland i want a christ believer church.

9 11 2012

Hi all,
Am smiling as I write this to you all. You see, God our Father, the Creator of the universe and all creation seen and unseen knows all our needs each one of us, He knew way before we were even born. He is our Father, keep that in mind. First of all, what has really inspired me most is the trust that we all have in God. I believe most of us know a lot of people who would make the perfect partners with us but, because we trust God’s ultimate guidance so much, I think this is an indication that God himself is present in this very decision that we are about to make (very soon, I kid you not). He will guide us through the right people, some we already know, others we never would have thought of. Let us be open, do not be quick to judge the people we meet and God will do the rest. God our Father knows that we need all these things……….and all these things shall be added unto us. Let’s all enjoy and have a joyful life right now as we are single/married, am not married either (30yrs), but am excited about what is coming my way from God my Father. God bless u all and have yourselves a lovely weekend.

Regards from Lusaka, Zambia.

13 11 2012

Hi, am in my mid thirties was in a relationship that ended two years ago. last year I met a guy that I had previously interacted with briefly a couple of years back. We started to hang out. I was not attracted to him until one night we were at a function and I heard him pray. then I heard him pray so fervently and begun getting attracted to him. He is very prayerful, very grounded and God is obviously the center of his life. We like the same things, have the same values. He has never advanced in any physical form but was always around to help me or hang out. a few weeks ago things changed, and am not sure why. we then had a talk that he initiated and he said he has prayed about the possibility of us being in a relationship and he feels God is not leading him that way and feels at peace. he has never been married, but I wonder where I got the disconnect. I have been praying and feel that he is God’s gift of a husband to me. I started doubting everything I thought I heard God say because I honestly feel that my friend is more prayerful than I am and if God told him no then it is I who is misled. am still confused, prayed about it the last few weeks as well and I still feel he is the one. am I letting my emotions get ahead of myself? some of the things that come to mind is my failed relationship from a couple of years back. I prayed and fasted and thought that was the guy then, but he is now married to somone else. could I be digging myself in the same trap, praying for a Guy because I like him and feeling he is God’s will for me and finding out later that it wasn’t to be? Believe me, I want to pray in faith, I just cant seem to seperate the Whisper of God from my conscience. I have asked God to speak to me through his word, but even then, I sometimes feel it is not specific to my situation. the sermon in church on sunday was almost directed to me. I feel like I ought to have faith, at the same time, I don’t know if this is God’s will for me or my friend. I love him a lot, but the last couple of weeks have redirected my attention to my creator whom I absolutely love dearly. I feel that God has told me that my friend is invited into the relationship I have with God and not God is invited into the relationship I have with my friend. I feel that God is showing me that he needs to be first and though my friend is the picture of a God fearing man, he is still not to be the center of my life. I fear loosing him, I don’t even know how to act around him anymore. But for some reason, I strongly feel God allowed us to meet and allowed my perspective to change on who my husband should be.. the priest of the home.My friend introduced me to all his friends, his family and in turn I did the same.. but just as friends. there were signals that he really liked me, he has bought me gifts when he goes out of town. so now am really confused that God told him no… should I continue praying?

12 01 2013

i know exactly how you feel. don’t stop praying. i would put him as a suggestion and than say to god that he is a suggestion and add the qualities that you are looking for in a mate. Than tell god that those are your petitions and say “may your will be done” and that you will accept who he has planned for you if it’s not this guy. it could be that you met this person because he is meant for you, but god just didn’t prepare him fully for you yet. there may be something more that he needs to go through in his world before you 2 connect better. i’ve heard these things happen to other people too. also, maybe he’s just afraid. sometimes guys get scared off easily and confused. don’t stop praying about this……the devil will try hard to deceive and frustrate you. we all go through it. i’m having a terrible time with a few different prayer petitions right now myself.

15 11 2012

It was a miracle god bless you both prayer for me the same miracle lord brings mercy in anubhav Herat and he Marry me please prayer for me amen

26 11 2012

Dear thingsgodtaughtme

I came along this site as i typed on google asking for catholic prayers to finding a husband…i have a question for you…you say pray for what you want and i agree but then do we really know what we want? do we really know who is the one? i have been in love with a man for over 6 years now been broken up for 4 years and i believed with all my heart and i still do that he is the one for me and i haven’t been able to love anyone else or even find a relationship with the same level of love and purity we both shared for 2 years…i have prayed for years for him to come back to me for him to realise what we shared was just perfect but untill now he hasn’t returned to me…i will tell you a quick version of our story…after my dad’s death i went back to my country for a visit and i met him we are family friends also…when we saw each other we just clicked and never separated we were together evey singel day and we shared a relationship full of love and purity as i don’t believe in sex before marriage and he never ever made me feel bad about it and we didn’t even kiss. It was a total pure relationship…when i came back from mny visit we agreed to stay in touch and have stayed in touch for 2 years and i loved him and his family also very nice people and they also loved me….what caused us to break up is he migrated from my country to london and i got really happy and thought this could be the best thing for our future together…then i started to want a commitment from him in our culture we have 3 stages..ask for hand in marriage…then engagment…then marriage and i told him i would like him to make a move and ask for my hand in marriage and he explained to me that he is only a student and has no citizenship or any stability in his life and he feels ashamed to ask for my hand in marriage when he has nothing to offer me as in stability so i told him all you need to do is ask for my hand in marriage and i will wait for you to be ready but i am happy to build our life together…the thing is i had a few proposals and i just wanted everyone to know i am with him i proudly wanted the whole world to know we chose each other…so i said ok no worries then few weeks after our mutual friends got engaged and they were in the same boat as us just students and i told him see they are going to build their life together and i told him that is all i wanted with him so he again explained he doesn’t feel stable enough to offer me anything and added if i find someone better then him and is ready to support me and give me a better life then he can offer me to go for it and he will understand as long as i am happy he will be happy…this sentence killed me made me feel that he was trying to get rid of me and i explained to him he is the only one i want there is no one else…and he asked me to wait for him and i said yes i will wait…then another mutual friend of ours get engaged and i didn’t say a word…then i think he felt pressured untill now i honestly don’t know what happened and he just told me i think we should just be friends…we broke up after fights…but he kept saying to me when i am ready and you are singel you will be the one i will marry…after this i got engaged as i felt rejected by him and felt he was trying to get rid of me…ofcourse i broke up with the guy…his mum and cousins he told everyone that he loves and when he is ready and i am still singel he will come for me…4years i haven’t had any relationships hoping for him… later he graduated and he told me and told me he was looking for jobs but he didn’t mention anything about us…i felt like an idiot waiting all these years for him and he doesn’t even think of me or inculde me in his future plans so once again i decided to forget about him n move on and got engaged to this nice guy well i thought he was nice but later found out he is a horrible person so rude and disrespectful and uses the name of God to make people think he is nice….i broke up with him and i thought maybe God did this so i can go back with my ex then i find out he has a gf and she is totaly different then me not even a religious person and here i am again feeling lost, confused, rejected, i know what i want and who i want but when i pray for him nothing happens…am i doing something wrong??? now i think maybe God doesn’t want us to be together or maybe he is letting him go through this relationship he is in to realise what we had was more meaningful and special and pure…i don’t know aything any more…i am 27 and i would like to be in a stable relationship with the man that the Lord has chosen for me as i guess the one i chose is not the one. sorry for the long story this is still a short version do you have advice that can help me to guide me in the right direction as i believe you hve been touched by God and i hope he can speak through you to help me.

5 12 2012
Marguerita Leiba

Thanks for your post. A real faith booster. God bless you.

22 12 2012

May the Lord Bless you for this blog…i have been praying for a husband too,im 29.Reading this today i know i have received my hubby.Loved the way you broke it down for the lady who said she was desperate.I had a revelation moment right there that has changed the way i have faith forever.Before i came on this blog i was a single lady trying to figure out what was keeping my partner but i am leaving here many hours later with a husband and i thank God for using you to open my eyes and really show me how faith works.I pray He helps others realise it too so they wont feel desperate or doubt the Word of God.Im not longer single..Praise the Lord.Merry Christmas to You and your family.

28 12 2012

I am 27 and I’ve been praying and fasting for a husband since I was 16 years old. It has not happened yet. But It’s going to happen in 2013. I’m really excited to meet him. I have faith he will be everything I want. Blonde hair and blue eyes taller then me but the same age as me. I’m excited I found this website, it has given me a new wave of faith. God is good and I can not wait to come back on this website in 2 months to give my testimony about how God has finally given me my hearts desires and has bought my soul mate into my life and how i’m planning my wedding with my Fiance for that summer. I believe this New Year is my year. Yaay for my 2013 wedding!! AMEN!

30 12 2012

Thank you so much for an inspirational Testimony,i loved that none will lack its mate,for his mouth has commanded,and his spirit has gathered them.God is God and he never changes

6 01 2013

in my late 30′s now and i’ve been praying for a good husband since i was 20…i even got upset in church today and asked God why i got every flower that i ever asked for from st. theresa as a “yes” if i am going to marry, but i am getting scared, because women can only have children for so long. I felt like i was given false hope, but maybe the man that i will meet will have children for all i know. I will accept and love them as if they were my own. I have 2 hopes . The first being that God sends me a guy just a little bit younger than me and healthy, for the reason that most women live longer than men (hoping for a comparible life span with this long of a wait–when i say healthy, i don’t mean a perfect body or looks, i mean in good mental health and not with serious deadly health problems). I would also like to be a house wife at this point and do not wish for fancy things, just so i can be at home and raise a family and do what needs to be done to provide a warm home for my family. If I have to work, my hope is that God will help me find a job that I can do from home. Anyhow, I asked for flower combinations that seemed to be impossible several times and I got every single one that i asked for. So, now I am wondering when this will happen and where i need to go to find mr. right. this is very upsetting. It especially hurts when you meet someone and they play games with your feelings. I wish God would at least spare me that childish nonsense as I am waiting. Please pray for me to find mr. right and that God will let me know who he is and not be fooled by evil. Thanks

12 01 2013

I’ve been praying for a wife since I was 15 years old. I’ve been in church my whole life and was always very dedicated in serving the Lord. I was the most romantic in my group of friends and was always talking to older women to learn how to be a good husband. I took classes in cooking, massage, marriage, and everything. I’ve been praying for 35 years, almost every day. I’ve been in a lot of dates and women love to be around me. I just can’
t find one that wants to marry me. I pray, I fast, I thank, I confess, I act, but I am lonely. What hurts is to hear all these beautiful stories about people that have found amazing wives. It just make you feel that you are the only one that don’t have the prayers answered. It is not good for men to be alone and it is harder for me because I am a people’s person. I keep praying but I am emotionally drained after 35 years praying.

2 02 2013

Ok then this is sort a stretch but imagine how you would feel had it all ready happened. How would you feel about that? When you focus on it not having happened for many years you feel drained. Your faith is gone. What if the children on Israel focused on all their years of bondage? Do you think that might dampen their faith in the promise of a deliverer? What if they turned that around and focused on the promise of a deliverer, knowing it was a certainty because the same guy that promises the sun will rise the next day said there would be a deliverer.
What if you focus on it all ready having happened, even though it hasn’t yet happened? Who would you be acting like? You would be acting like someone “who calls those things that are not as though they all ready were. What if a kitten saw its dad catching a bug and eating it, then the kitten did the same. What if you saw God your dad “calling those things that are not as if they all ready existed? Crazy talk? Well your in the image of God his offspring, created after his likeness just like the kitten is in the likeness of the cat. “like dear children be imitators of your father in heaven” “without faith it is impossible to receive anything from God” “faith is being certain”. How is bringing up all the past 35 years helping you form certainty? Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Hows the 35 years helping you create that substance? Could focusing on God’s integrity and ability help, rather than the last 35 years.
Ever read the parable about how the servant comes in from the field? Do you tell him sit down and eat or do you tell him first make my dinner then you can sit down and eat.

Give God the glory, the certainty before you see it. Make him his dinner first. Then eat yourself. God needs certainty as the substance to make your hope out of. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith has to be solid and certain. You will have many other entities, powers , thoughts try to talk you out of your certainty. It will be tested. If it remains solid you will have whatsoever you saith. (mark 11:24)

Jesus said when you pray believe you have all ready received it, and you shall have it.

7 02 2013

If you have been praying for 35 years and nothing happens is because you are probably praying the wrong prayer. Ask God to do his will in your
life and bring the right people, been friendly is not a bad thing, but…….women might not be taking you seriously.

17 01 2013

Please my Allmight God , blees me with marrage!!!! all is in your hand!!!!

20 01 2013

Thank-you for a beautiful post and its very encouraging as well. It shows how God is truly faithful. Its interesting how we are able to ask for our unique’s hearts desires and he loves us to give us all that we ask for. I like how specific your prayer was sometimes when we pray, we give leeway for other things but God doesnt want us to be double-minded as well, he gave us a sound mind.

20 02 2013


23 02 2013

Jesus says “when you pray believe that you HAVE all ready received it. If you have all ready received it there is no room for despair or worry because you have it. You believe Jesus words, trust him and you have it in your heart and consider it a done deal. You have received it by faith. You give Gods word and his work through Christ glory or weight by doing this. That Glory you have given God is the substance of your future answer. It is the seed. Confidence in God’s word is something God will support. However the thief and the “birds of the air” are coming to steal it, and they are coming for it right away.
If you have anxiety worry or despair it’s because you do not yet have it because you did not believe you received when you asked, or you doubted, or the devil gave you a good reason to believe that you didn’t have it and might not get it. Once the faith is gone there is no substance since “faith is the substance of things hoped for” No seed, no blade, no stalk, no corn. Your prayer answer was eaten by the birds when it was a seed

I often have taken things by faith and had the devil try to talk me out of it, I say well if I all ready have it its a done deal, the questioning part is over. My name is Tim, waters wet, fire is hot, and i all ready (past tense) received it. Too late Mr devil, done deal, done deal.

The devil wants your substance. Once he has it it is gone, stolen. You have taken the glory you gave to God and his work in Jesus Christ and given that glory or weight over to the devil. You moved your faith over to your doubt and out of the glory or weight you gave God. Since he meets our needs according to “his riches in glory through Christ Jesus” you need to keep the glory or weight in Christ Jesus.The devil is fighting you to transfer the glory to him through doubts and questioning.

We need to imitate God. Baby eagles soon fly and catch fish, Fish soon swim and breath underwater. Like father like son. Act like God does, imitate, imitate, imitate. Speak to the mountain. Speak to the fig tree. Speak to the disease.
“like dear children imitate your father in heaven”

“God who calls those things which are not as though they were.”

“this is the confidence we have in him, if we ask anything according to his will he hears us,”

(no GOOD thing will he withhold from them that walks uprightly)

( as in he that finds a wife/husband finds a GOOD thing- proverbs)

“and we know that if he hears us we HAVE the requests which we have made of him”

Remember when the disciples asked for more faith, Jesus told them the parable of the servant that comes in from the field. He said if you have your servant come in from the field do you say hey go eat, or do you have the person working for you, on the clock, fix you food first and then tell him he can eat.
The idea here is to give God glory first, then God will let you eat. When you plant the seed in the kingdom of God don’t go back and dig it up. Keep the weight on God completely don’t ever give any weight to the doubts. Don’t even question that you received it. You TAKE IT.

5 06 2013

Dear please keep me in your prayers to get married !!!!!
God bless you !!!!

24 02 2013

GOD seems to bless so many very lucky people for having a love life, and so many of us good straight men would certainly want the same thing. i was married at one time, and was a very good husband before my wife of fifteen years cheated on me. i certainly loved her very much, and i was very committed to her too. i hate going out again, especially when i go out alone since many of my friends are settled down with their own life. i certainly wish that we could have the women like June Cleaver and Donna Reed again. they were very caring, loving, down to earth, and very committed to their men too. i seem to meet all the wrong women today, instead of meeting a real good one for me now. why does GOD make certain people find happiness? i certainly would love very much to have a love life too, and i just want for GOD to bless me for having a love life again. PEACE.

28 02 2013

When my wife left me and I found your site I knew that you were sincere and I felt from the beginning that you would help me. I made a terrible mistake and cheated on her. When she found out she filed for divorce and refused to even talk to me. About 3 days after you cast my spell she began talking to me and over a short period of time she began to forgive me. Everything happened just as you said it would and now we are back together and closer than ever before. Thank you for getting Wendy to forgive me for the terrible thing I had done.

10 03 2013

Wow!…am encouraged…I have been pray for a spouse for along time,am 37 now…I believe in two Weeks,God infinite mercies will perfect that which concern me.amen.

28 03 2013
Neo Tsehlo

wow! Thank you for reminding me of who i am in Christ! I have no doubt now that my man is there for me just as God promised us Good life.
So now i decide to worry not for God is faithful God.
Thank you very much

21 04 2013

God answers prayer but it can’t be this same way for every one cos he knows our makeup.

15 06 2013

God is not a respecter of persons.

19 05 2013

I know God is going to bring that right person in my life.I have waited patiently upon him.Will testify of his goodness this year 2013.

20 05 2013

I came across your blog to google, today when i couldn’t stop crying.
and i have to say , you stopped my crying and reduced the pain.

Well sir, i want to ask you something, if i pray that the guy i like should get married to me by the end of this year, can god change the minds…i really like someone and i want to get married to him, first we use to talk daily and now he talks whenever i call….but i like him alot,and i really want us to be like we were and i want to marry him,,,

so my question that if i pray that mr B should marry me by the end of this year , will it happen? secondly you said there is a right way to pray so tell me a the RIGHT PRAYER THAT I SHOULD DO SO THAT MY LOVE MARRIES ME.

please reply to this post.

15 06 2013

the bible says the kings heart is in Gods hand, he can make it go anyway he wants it to. If the kings heart is like that all mens hearts are. Did you pray and believe you all ready received it? Or are you doubting. Have the God kind of faith, like a dear child be imitators of your father in heaven. (who calls those things that are not as though they were.

20 05 2013

Also i mean i want to marry him, i love him , and i want him in my life forever…so can god change his mind to do so?? me writing this email makes me feel that i don’t trust god but i do….also please pray for me….am desperately awaiting your email.

20 05 2013

Thank you so much…it is very helpful what I read……

23 05 2013

I am 36 and nothing is happening, sometimes I fill I am not destined for marriage. I need help.

15 06 2013

Jesus said “as is your faith so be it done unto you.” also when you pray believe you have all ready received it. Believe you have it first, then you will receive it. If you doubt or waver don’t expect it at all. When we give weight to God we receive it. When we look to the wind and waves and give weight to the adverse circumstances we sink.

24 05 2013

I am 46. I have been divorced twice. First was arranged, the second he was abusive i had to run. One of the thing I always asked God was for Him to give the desire of my heart. I have dreamed of being embraced by the arms that love me and adore him and me him. I had failure after failure. People laugh at me and joke on my attempts. Recently, I met the desire of my heart. After 3 months together…he revealed to me in a disrespectful way he wants to get back to his ex – the one he now call his girl friend. But I thank God. He told us to thank for the good and bad because everything work for good for those who love the Lord. When he dumped me with a text message

27 05 2013

God am looking forward with faith for my marriage in Jesus Name!!!

3 06 2013
The Truth

i really wish that God will give me the luck to find a good woman to share my life with, instead of being alone most of the time.

4 06 2013

why is it that God can bless certain men and women that were VERY LUCKY enough to have met one another and have a family? and many of us good men can’t meet a good woman to share a life with. God is very mean for doing this since we are no different than the ones that have it. why should they be blessed to have a life that i certainly would had wanted as well? with just too many very nasty women out there today, that certainly does add to the problem too. for example, why would a woman curse at a man like me that is trying to start a conversation with the one that i really wanted to meet?, and i didn’t do anything wrong for this to happen to me. there are just too many evil women out there nowadays if they have to curse at us like that, and i know other men that had this happened to them as well. that is why it is very hard for many of us good serious men looking for love, especially since there are much more gay women today adding to the problem.

5 06 2013

I’m a guy in my late 30s almost 40 in 2 years time. I have been longing for a wife since more than a decade ago. Could you please pray for my deliverance from whatever is holding back this from happening? I have gotten so depressed and lonely I am losing faith.

9 06 2013

I cam across this site, , here is my story I need advice. I met the man I loved from the age of 12, we broke up when I was 23 (we dated on and off for many years) after so much heartache I turned to God and prayed night and day for a Catholic man to be my husband. I met my most recent ex boyfriend. We dated for over 3 years and suddenly few months ago he shocked myself, our friends, our families and told me he does not know what he wants and is uncertain if he can marry me, he started doubting existence of the devil, evil, and stopped praying / going to church. This left me heartbroken. At the same the man I loved from my past (the one dated on and off) has been messaging me , sending email (short) but some emails here and there out of nowhere.

WHat is your advice?
I loved my recent ex, I prayed for him, and truly felt God brought me him into my life, I truly felt he was my husband.
I am so confused :(
God Bless everyone for their advice

12 06 2013
philip Agharanya

Am having a challeage in my Marrieag, I got married on 25th August 2012, since then things has not being going well, I always having a problem with my wife. there is not thing i can do to please her. She is always calling another man in my present. what will i do, should i let her go

12 06 2013

please pray for me. im 29yrs of age and im a sinner. I always ask God to forgive me for the wrong things i have done like dating a married man but i sometimes feel that i have not been forgiven. Im currently in love with this single guy who i may wish to be my husband. Put me in your prayers so that the man can propose to me. I want to have a descent future and build a God fearing family with this man. I fear getting into wrong rleationship again and all i could wish for is to settle down this year. i ask God everyday for my prayers to be answered. The bible say that ask and it shall be given unto you and this is what im asking my almighty father for.

21 06 2013

I will be praying for you Cece, I feel your pain, I did some wrong in the past, and I pay for reconcilation with the man I love too.
Please unite me and the love of my life soon. You know that we have been on a break for a while…and it hurts going through this pain im in. I come to you in desperate need, to ask you to please end this wait.

Take away, any fears, doubts, anger, ego, pride, anxiety, selfishness, vanity and the devil that comes in many shapes, way and forms.

Protect him always, and make him always remember us, put your hands on his heart and mind and fill it with love for me. And make him realize that what we have is really precious and that it’s not worth loosing at all.

I have already thought of it as a prayer that has been heard and granted.

17 06 2013

please pray for me. i am 26 years old and broke up with my bf. we have dated for 7 months . its a long distance relationship ….2 months ago he started dated someone else where he stays. My instincts told me he was cheating….i asked hi but April i found him with a girl in his bedroom and he chased me away saying our relationship was over. I really do love him and want to get married to him. I have been praying about it and specifically telling God it’s him I want to marry. I don’t want date any other man at all…it’s only him I want in my life…..I am trusting God to get married next year

17 06 2013


I came across this page just seeing if i am not alone in my search for my partner…. I was married before but he turned out to like using me and our daughter as punching bags…
I have had this dream that i would meet this guy for many years now, since i was about 12. When my marriage broke down i wanted to give up and forget about a partner but there was this yearning and knowing that my partner is still out there. I do not really go out unless its errands i have to run ot church. So i havent really met anyone that is the one. Ive met a few guys who end up playing games. Ive prayed again.tonight just believing God that he is here. I am sooooo expectant and i am truly trusting God. I sense my partner is so close. Bt my prayer is tonight that any person who is still lonely and yearning for a partner to be blessed and that they will seek God and find that He is true to His word. I pray that your joy my be full that your days of sorrow and sighing will end in Jesus name… Lets face it… It nice being alone espescially if you want someone special and permanent in your life. God bless each and every person tonight. And remember He finished it all on the cross… We just need to believe God and trust Him… Father Your will be done. Shalom!!!

22 06 2013

Thank you that was lovely and yes I believe that day’my days of sorrow and sighing are ending- I too feel that the one , my future husband is close and I await him with welcome arms,you had an unfortunate past with your ex but life is a learning curve and unfortunately it took that to show you he wasn’t meant for you,the first hit particularly at your innocent child should have pushed you to walk away because love never hurts..but don’t beat your self up about it,focus on hoe you can now make your lives better.
I believe that until you meet the one there is a time of solitude,this doesn’t mean God has forgotten about us it just means he hasn’t finished of writing our love story

22 06 2013

1. Remember when you say, God’s will be done, then you need to hear Jesus say to you “ask for whatever you will”. So it is God’s official will to give you the desires of your heart, or “your will”. YOUR WILL, IT IS HIS WILL TO GIVE YOU YOUR WILL. Get it? “Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

2. He only want’s good things for you and the bible says he that finds a wife (spouse) finds a good thing. Since you know God wants to bless all his children with a “good thing” you know he wants to bless a christian man with you. Since you would be his wife you would be a good thing. So either way it is ‘not good for man to be alone” So we can establish that God considers marriage good for both of you. Also we can see that God wants to give you “whatsoever you will”. As long as it is a good thing and your “will”.

3. If you were a kitten you would be in the image of a cat. Anyone would expect you to go out and catch mice one day, sleep in the sun and use a litter box. A good mom of a kitten might even teach a kitten to do that. The kitten in any case could see their mom catch a mice and figure it out.

You are the offspring and image of a being that calls those things that are not as though they were. When God says something he believes it exists before it exists. It is not currently existing and he calls it as though it all ready exists. Like he all ready has it. This is because he is in charge, he reigns. He is above physical things and circumstances. Over and over again Jesus broke natural physical laws. Why did he keep doing that? Is he your example? When he said “if he works hard he shall be like his master”. could you reign? Would God let you act like him and declare something exists before it actually does? You do this all the time in side yourself. If i tell you something is true and you believe it, then it is real inside of you. If you do not believe it it is not real inside of you. Your belief makes things real on the inside, and God is saying your belief can move mountains on the outside. The knowledge of both good and evil makes you of two minds or hearts though. It was a very bad thing for man because his heart is always divided unless he believes with certainty one way of another. It is faith that is certain that makes the two minds one. We experience that as truth.

You are in the image of God he is expecting one day you will be imitators of him and call those things which are not now as though they all ready existed. Anyone who prays like this and does not doubt gets the good thing they pray for. Jesus says it is a certainty. Religion will always keep you guessing. Take Gods words like a little child and as truth.

We have established it is God’s will for you to have “your will” and the desires of your heart. If its a good thing he will not withhold it from you. However as your faith so it be done unto you still applies. You use Gods words to unlock and lock things on earth and that IS heavens decision. Truth is you and I are all ready reigning. God put men in charge of the earth. We established to have a spouse it is a “good” thing. If it is a good thing God wants you to have it and he will NOT with hold it from you. We can see the way is clear to you having a spouse. It is only your faith that is in question. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word” he can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT IS AT WORK WITHIN YOU. What is the power? “I am not ashamed of the good news about Christ for it is the POWER OF GOD” His words are that power, when you mix them with faith they are real within you. You choose either good (to believe) or evil (to not believe) or you stay in the middle doubting being tossed between the two.
The power of God is in your faith and his words. Given many great and precious promises, that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature.” look up “divine nature” in that verse in the Greek and it is “output”. Gods output is available to you through Christs action on the cross and the promises you believe. You make them real, you open the doors, your in charge. It is your faith that makes it real since it is all ready “yea and amen in Christ”

all the promises of God are yea and amen in him.

If God want’s there to be light he says “let there be light” believes it and it is. His words are his hands. Your faith opens the door to whatever words you put faith in. Your faith will not allow God to work in any way that you do not believe his words.

Well put on your “faith like a little child” goggles and read what Jesus said.
Pray believe you have (all ready, past tense) received it and you shall have it. Jesus made you “good enough” to receive it. Your merit is not in question. It is Gods will for you to have your will. All that needs to happen is use your faith AND patience till it shows up. Having faith is being upright. “no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” (faith is being upright)

If God did not spare is son, but gave him up for us all what he withhold from us? He that finds a wife (spouse) finds a good thing.” As your faith be unto you. whatever door you open on earth is open in heaven and whatever you close on earth is closed in heaven. Will YOU allow it by receiving it before you believe it? The whole idea is for us to rule and reign with Christ. Christ rules with his words and his faith just like God does since he is god and one with God. “like dear children be imitators of God your father.” HOW DOES HE ACT? “who calls those things which are not as though they were” those that receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteous shall reign in life” (your alive now right?)

19 06 2013

at least God loves someone.

22 06 2013

God is love,we go through many challenges,obstacles and difficulties in life,we see so many bad things and experience such tragedy,we become bitter,we focus are blame and target God- he never said life was going to be easy,he said he would hold your hand every step of the way….GOD will never leave us.he is my best friend..without him. I’m wise enough to know I can’t survive on my own- pray to him and see his guidance follow you through ,he is great and unique and I love him with all my heart.
6 words is all it takes when times are lonely or tough “I love you,God keep me strong

16 02 2014

Two weeks ago, i prayed for direction for myself and my fiancee in our relationship. The next day she shows up and says we are done! I am so angry with god right now. I mean, wow! I am hurt and struggling to understand this.

18 02 2014

Found this blog and prayed the same prayer back in July of 2013. Her and I agreed to be married about 3 months later. We’ll be having the ceremony sometime within the next year. You’ve literally changed my life. Can’t thank you enough man. God bless you.

19 02 2014

I m so glad to hear about what God has down for you. He is awesome!

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